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Celebrating Bitcoin $10,000 with a brand new board!

in freshie •  10 months ago

Celebrating in Bitcoin terms means spending BTC, so on Cyber Monday I decided to cash out a little bit for a new Surf baord, and it was already worth it!


Monday morning I could feel it, the Bitcoin wealth Effect was kicking into high gear. I did not realize that was why why I was getting the new board, nevertheless I made the big announcement on my @coininstant blog, just to make sure I did not change my mind.

And the winner is… me for scoring a brand new Jimmy Lewis seven foot Destroyer.

After picking up the board I headed straight to the beach. There were some waves, although it was a little choppy, it would do for my very first "freshie" test ride session! I strapped the Go-Pro to my head and paddled out, the board was nice and light. I seemed to be in control to now so all I had to do was catch a wave and stand up! Surfing is not easy, luckily I already have years of experience learning how, but it has been a long time since then and I have gotten a little bit rusty. There's always something about trying to stand up on a fast moving board as it rocks back and fourth while rippling down the slope of a wave each time! Now it was my turn, I spotted my wave and paddled as fast as I could, maybe it's true there is something magical about the 7'0" size in Board because somehow I just stuck my foot out through the white wash, and it just magically stuck, I stood up and I was off.

After a handful of waves I was more than satisfied with my new 7-0 Jimmy Lewis Destroyer, and can't wait to get back to the beach for some more surf.

Check out the video below, testing out the new board.

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its really good bitvoin and bitcasg growing. ... as we can see steemit also growing great going on..

It is always nice to take profits in crypto and enjoy them! That's great, cheers!

ahlawat a.jpg
Excellent video! Bitcoin is a good profit. Which can earn a lot of dollars. This will benefit you.

i think it's an awesome deal.. right now BTC is acting crazy but it will settle down soon.

incredible sir @honusurf
congratulations on having a long wait for bitcoin prices of $ 6000 - $ 10,000.

excellent deal btc is growing now n also have nice day cheers.

yes frnd its tym to celebration lets cheers.

yes it is awesome deal right now bitcoin is going crazy n surprising.

congratulation for celebrating bitcoin with brand new board.

nice to see u celebrating bitcoin with new board have a nice day .

wohooo what a great way to celebrate it :D damm

That is indeed great buddy BTC is getting lucky for many people aboard ;)
Have no idea about boards but seems like it is great and you are enjoying it !

While BTC at it's tops you made a ice video by surfing. Both are great updates for me~

excellent video of wonderful surfing experience. impressive post @honusurf

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@honusurf - Sir BTC went too high like waves of the 'Sugar Cove'..... You nicely captured your latest surfing experience..... Nice you decided to share it Sir...
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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Hello @honusurf,

Extraordinary good article with nice surfing video. Incredible video you have made there.


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the post was good so upvote and i followed you
if you have no objection then you can @honusurf

I think your life is full of adventures 😀👍👍👍

Wow..such a wonderful celebration by @honusurf
I realy like surfing...enjoy awesome...

Wow today you surfed at Sugar Cove! It seems great and ocean seems too much wavy there! This is amazing and wonderful surfing experience you have made there!