French Royal Succession Including Holy Roman Succession and Crowning or Titling Authority Explained

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Holy Roman Empire Christ re-representatioin and crowning authorities.

If the mission of the Holy Roman Empire is to preserve the Royal Family in understanding that the usering of Clovis I was most direct to the Christ. The question becomes male and female representations in genome. The thought is processed when coming to understand French Royal Succession. Let's begin with the successors of France and the Holy Roman Empire to display the potential at understanding the appropriation of crowning authority. A crowing authority may be referenced as one whom can title. In France only the King can title. In France the King has been lost. With careful study I have come to understand the decision to crown the namesake which is male before the female. However, in the case of Queen Victoria, and with consideration for the ladies of Spain, the female birthing process birthed representation is most likely to represent the males characteristics in male children and the female in female children. Whereas, the male predominance in continuation of successor by male offers next generations a closer representation of the lines offspring. In the case of the Christ line. The Holy Roman Empire may offer the representation of the Successor protected by the Swiss guard with reference to the most direct in bloodline to Christ. While, the Swiss may have lost sight of the Sutter family over the last few hundred years as their Successor. It's likely more true that the knowledge was known and secretive. The Capitaine status may be degraded by France in considering a "Capitaine" or commander of the military taking on a title without the King's reference. Therefore, a propagated title in that it's made to propagate the truth in knowledge of the successor to the Christ line. Had the French been lead in the military by the Royal Family? Most definitely. Would it be for the tie to Christ that promotes the reason to protect the French Capitaine? Absolutely! The furthering military post French Reign of Terror and French Revolution can account for at least one Capitaine by the name of Sutter. In this case, as the direct male line of the Sutter in this document, I have come to a revelation. If the goal is to recreate a Christ in the birth of child. The Holy Roman Empire would surely take account of DNA processing. The account of representation producing the next Christ. But, how would it be male successor, male, male, male, and into my line male as well? The answer is likely due to process of birth resulting in characteristics present in the male line when reproduced. A number of females birthing the direct Christ line might all have male children more likely to represent the DNA of the Christ. The females born among the same generation, with association to hypothetical of many wives of one male, may be more likely to be dominated by their mothers traits. In representation of the Bourbon Project the male line successor may be extremely valuable for the chance to reproduce traits mirroring the Christ. The believers believe that the King shall come again. How is it possible without the King successor line? Let's discuss the French succession to my knowledge.

  1. Sutter ( I've claimed the throne by divine right. A Capitaine born second perhaps Marquise. Instead by access of my Divine Right have claimed all Kingdoms belonging to France as my own. Where there is no King and my blood has kept the land. As Charlotte of Bourbon ruled Jerusalem the only title upon land is holy. And, such representation shall eventually be able to enter the places my forefathers dwelt. Our future is grand!

  2. Spain The fleur de lis ties have created awareness of direct succession considering Spain as the next in line of most direct French. However, the children are both female. The DNA representation in the next generation may be somewhat lost without a male heir when considering "most likely to produce a Christ." Whereas, the succession of France and Holy Roman Empire may have married upon Sutter's diplomacy between Switzerland and France in the 1600's. To my families knowledge this account of winning diplomacy may have married two large empires to free one from debt. The freedom from the French debt is to the credit of diplomacy with the Sutter and France in the 1600's. While, there is server propagation to come thereafter. It is the fleur de lis that can help us understand a division in successor. Whereas, the "Holy Roman Empire's King" may require a direct male line possession with accent on "skipped generation divine right" offering the direct male of elder brother the position to succeed as King before himself. Due to the Christ representation in birthing the Holy Roman Empires successor may be required to be male. The French Successor in position of titling ability would likely still be the female. I would hope should the day come that Queen is wise enough to understand the truth in the Holy Roman Empire's Successor. Because according to Da Vinci Code interpretation the reference of Merovech ushering in Clovis I to set forth the Capet King line in aims to reproduce a Christ with innate abilities from the Gods was present.

  3. Victoria with four fleur de lis. The Queen Victoria of the UK would foresee that the French Royal Line would come after the Sutter, Spain, and finally success to the successors of Victoria. However, the Holy Roman Empire may place the knowledge of direct male representation in high regard which could skip spain and may be debated between UK's male successor after the Duke William of Cambridge. The reason being? The successors of the next lines to come may furnish the best suitor for representation of Christ dominant trait offspring. The evolution of the Christ is likely the mission of the Holy Roman Empire. Thus, making great reason the guard confess to protecting the Pope and successor.

  4. Five fleur de lis? I'm looking at heraldry trying to uncover this truth in successor.

  5. Bourbon Parma. The residency of Bourbon Parma existing in document offering Appendage in 1805 makes sense when considering Sutter's temporary exile. By the time the Ancient Regime was recalled it was a difficult thing to accomplish. Let's consider ourselves as the Holy Roman Empire successor in John Sutter. The Pope would take his head. And, it may have been in flaw to recognize the quest of DNA forwarding that makes perfect sense of male direct successorship value. In this case there is potential where extended family may feel as if their mother has produced the King. Which, may be a considerable claim should the son of a woman succeeding from a male that is not of the King line has been produced in the Queen line. Should the surname be Sutter it would be likely to suspect the tie may represent a younger brother succeeding with name and passing upon the throne. Whereas, I might have to offer up the Holy Roman Empire's King position. I believe a King must take claim of his Kingdom by his right. And, so too should a Queen. In my generation my elder brother doesn't wish to be the King of France. However, it has become my claim and mission to see fit a Kingdom suitable for the Holy Roman Empires quest in producing a Christ to come to us again. Whereas, I'll always be King of France in my lifetime. But, the Holy Roman Emperor may be found among the people. And, should the will be to take up the defense of the Christ line offering the Pope and Swiss Guard their right to defend us. Than, it may be a debate that's long awaited to solve the truth in succession. To my knowledge their is no direct male to be produced more direct than my father to Christ. His older sister had a male. Due to the possession of traits in males most likely producing traits representative of their father. My Aunt is officially the most direct in succession to succeed and to date might be considered the Queen of France had succession not required Divine Right to settle the differences. Whereas, the Swiss Guard "successor" term may also be defined as Christ followers whom choose Catholicism. In addition, the trace of John Sutter commanding the Swiss Guard and French Royal Guard makes perfect sense. The boundless wealth is present in sales of the Royal items sold by successors today identifying Royal provenances. In the event there was no Duke Harry of Sussex, no Prince George of Cambridge, no Louis of Cambridge. Than the throne might be in place for Bourbon Parma. However, the Capitaine line without the Sutter threatens the loss of Switzerlands rights to the empires assembly. Whereby, keeping the Sutter from the throne with Divine Right claim is madness. Therefore, it's the Jewels and raw stones that will go forward to sell and carry mission further in restoring the order of the Ancient Regime. Therefore, should Bourbon Parma not be surname Sutter. Than, the "skip generation" in "Holy Roman Emperor" status would be by most direct male to succeed. Should Bourbon Parma be Sutter as I am Sutter they may be in position for the Holy Roman Empire's throne long before the French. In consideration to the French. After my family is Spain.

I love and do not dispute the truth in line which is representation of the King of Spain's body.

I believe in God and believe this passage to make sense of successorship inheritance including authorities of crowing where mission is bestowed upon the successor to birth our King whom will come again with innate abilities of the Gods resembling Christ in Christ's lifetime.


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