Drive your own fairytale


Sometimes I think about how, despite all the stress, hardship and exploitation I experience, I can find corners of nature, peace and beauty of nature.

I consciously run into everything in my path, I am aware that everything leaves consequences, emotional scars, I think I drive skillfully, and I am aware that you are the one who decides my life.

Many want to put others down for the rest of their lives, condemn, criticize, and are unaware of what they are doing or are and are content to humiliate you.

Don’t look down on others, take care of yourself.
We all have our own way and can walk with our heart or let others guide us and walk with fear.

We decide, each for himself, until we get too complicated and completely dependent on others, even then it is not too late.

It’s not too late even when you’re sentenced to death and you’re waiting in jail for that day.

Most people wake up and wake up at the last second.
And so say those who have experienced it and know how it is.


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