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RE: Day 2/Free Write Challenge - Prize: 35.55 SBD and a Chance to Win SBI - [this is hard and special needs gymnastics program]

SERIOUSLY?! Paper? What the hell do I have to say about paper? I'm going to have to walk away and come back later....

a bit of advice........don't over think a freewrite. They should be fun and silly and make you laugh or cry from good and bad memories that will pour out of your head if you stop over thinking it too much. hugs

Now......for someone that ended this true story with still being upset about what you wrote when you wrote the most heartwarming story EVER makes me sad.

You found out for sure that the best thing in life is treating all people the same. That it doesn't matter how old or who you are or how much you have we are all people and respond to respect of being treated as such. Not many understand or even think of that in their whole lives. You did it by helping children that will never forget you or how you treated them.

for that, you should be so proud of yourself and for that reason and that alone I AM very happy you waited another 8 hours to find your piece of paper to write this story.

Thank You for sharing your story with me today. You make made proud to have met you and know there ar people in the world like you in it!


xox thank you for your encouragement again! Don't be sad; I wasn't upset with what I wrote more than the fact that it took me so long to finish, lol. I'm glad I came back to it after I hit a road block though and that I didn't just write paper over and over and be done with it. If nothing else, this challenge has made me think about things outside of the box and also to reflect on my life thus far. Exercise for the brain!!

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