bah, I dont know...creative writing was never really my thing in grade school. I think its like running - some people love it and can't live without that adrenaline rush, but I hate it. I used to hide in the bushes when we had to run the mile in gym class. Despite being a gymnast, I would always receive a letter home saying how unfit I was based on how long it took me to finish the mile.

Oh, I also detest running. Even if writing wasn't your thing, you have a writing style that's very much "you" and it shines

Isnt it the worst? I just learned about something called Ultra Marathons where they run for 30+ hours without stopping. I can't even begin to imagine why that sounds appealing to anyone.

There is this insane thing in my country called the "Comrades Marathon" where they run from one city to another. The distance is 90km but even worse, it starts at sea level and ends at an elevation of 1955ft so they are basically running uphill all the way. On the "down" run, it's very easy to destroy the knees

So...more than two marathons, all uphill. Yeah, no. Those people have something wrong in their brain LOL. My knees are aching just from the thought of the down part.

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