Thank you so much for your nomination. Now, please VOTE for @steemitbloggers to WIN the 20k dPoll

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@theycallmedan is doing it again, and this time he is delegating 20k steempower for a year.

Thank you all so much for nominating the @freewritehouse into the top 20 for @theycallmedan's new poll (chance to win a delegation of 20,000 sp for a year)

We would obviously love a delegation that size but we have decided (like the last time) to throw our weight behind the @steemitbloggers to win.

why VOTE for the @steemitbloggers?

Like the @freewritehouse the @steemitbloggers are INTERNATIONAL.

We share many of the same values (and, indeed, members).

Both @jaynie and @mariannewest are active twitter hustlers!

@steemitbloggers want steem to grow, with quality posts.

To join the @steemitbloggers you just need to be committed, to help your team and steem to grow.

There are lots of great steem projects nominated but we would like YOU to vote for ONE: @steemitbloggers (aka #powerhousecreatives.

poll header 5.png

Please give @steemitbloggers your support!

to vote you will find the link in this post:

or you can go straight to the poll:

Login using steemconnect and...

Please VOTE for @steemitbloggers

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Sorry but I cannot I voted for @SteemChurch who are willing to help @crypto.piotr and @help.venezuela

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No worries. You vote for who you feel drawn to.



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Lets Go Champs!



Thank you @freewritehouse for the call for support!!! #powerhousecreatives are forever grateful to have you part of our community and together we can create tidal waves!


We sure can!!

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