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This is the freewrite challenge. I am using @mariannewest’s #freewrite prompt to write this piece (https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-583-5-minute-freewrite-sunday-prompt-rate)

Today’s prompt is:


This is the start of a new freewrite serial

"Please rate your experience." Kelly stood at the counter, trying to juggle the coffee she had just bought, her mobile phone and her bag, that seemed to have a mind of its own. She ignored the request and attempted to slip her phone into the bag. It buzzed. "If you do not rate your experience, you will be DownRated."

She sighed and wiped her finger across the screen. She couldn't afford to be DownRated again. She was only two points above the socially acceptable level. She clicked on the smiley face on her phone.

"Thank you for rating Coffee, Coffee, Coffee," the phone said. Kelly sighed and took hold of her possessions and moved away from the counter to a seat near the back of the coffee shop. From here she could watch the people coming into it. She could make sure she saw him before he saw her. Once at her seat she placed her bag next to her and placed her phone on the table in front of her.


As usual, I started with the freewrite prompt and used themostdangerouswritingapp.com to write the first five minutes (and then popped it into google docs to check for errors and tidy it up a bit):

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Oh I do like a good five minute rant, and I also like to be by the seaside

Watch out for the gulls!

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Ah! So she was waiting for her dad, to accost him about the other woman in his life that she found out about?
A great story here my friend!


Yes, it's me with your next prompt. I hope none of us gets down rated here with that new button. Good for you to go for a long term freewrite project. I hope the prompts lead you in a good direction :)