"Going Home" a weekend freewrite

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Yay! It’s the weekend!!! So that can really only mean ONE THING!!

It’s time for the #weekendfreewrite!

Each week @mariannewest gives three #freewrite prompts and you have to write for five minutes using each prompt - but no cheating and looking at the next prompt UNTIL you have finished with the first one!

You can find this weeks first prompt here: https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/weekend-freewrite-4-11-2019-part-1-the-first-sentence

I am walking to the station to catch a train that will take me home, and I am not sure I want to get on it.

I stop and take a deep breath, a woman sighs, huffs and gives me a hard look as she side-steps me and walks past. I can't breath and I don't attempt to say sorry for breaking the contract of the communuter - keep walking, don't stop, we all have a schedule to keep to, a train to meet.

I take too more deep breaths and wonder what I am going to do, and then do what I always knew I would do, which is to keep walking, join the flow of other people making their way back to the station, making their way home.

How have I let things get so bad that I don't want to go home?

I know to others my life looks perfect. I have a great job, a lovely house in a good neighbourhood, a fantastic car - I get to drive it at weekends, sometimes, when the weather isn't too bad - and a beautiful wife.

"I think they've gone," Marie said, her head turned, her breath hot on my ear. I smile at the memory.

We were so young when we met - fifteen? Marie was a few months older, maybe she'd just turned sixteen, maybe she was about to. As I march towards the train station, following the other commuters in a neat little train of our own, I smile to myself. That first time, hiding in the spare room of her aunt's house, the sound of people laughing, and talking loudly drifting in through the open window.

Was it an occasion? Or just a barbeque?

I think perhaps it was her aunt and uncle's thirtieth wedding anniversary. Yes, it was, because I remember how Marie was shocked the following month when her uncle left his wife for a man who worked in the pub on the village square.

I remember seeing Maries uncle in the pub, a few weeks later. He was sitting with his boyfriend, holding hands quite openly. It was unusual, at that time, but people seemed to be accepting.

Most people.

Marie came in to join me at the table, and when she saw her uncle she took hold of the pint I was drinking and threw it in the man's face, before slapping him. The sound was so loud the whole pub stopped talking.

I remember the red mark on his face, I thought I had never seen such a beautiful shade of crimson.

"He is just having a midlife crisis," Marie's mother said to her sister. "He'll come round."

Of course, he wasn't. Of course, he didn’t. But people thought differently in those days.

As I reach the gate to the station I wonder if I am having a midlife crisis. I am the right age. But I don't want to run off with a man - or a woman - from a local pub. I just don't want to go home.

I sigh, scan my season ticket and board the train.

As usual I used themostdangerouswritingapp.com to write each five minute freewrite (and then tidied it up a bit in google docs afterwards):



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Always a wonderful read and I was fully engaged in this tale. You created a whole world of complexity and your creativity is exemplary. Thanks for the good read.

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Wow, you can certainly take a person on a trip here. Inter marital relations and what not. Quite a story my friend and well done with the prompts.


Thanks. Hope you had a great weekend 😊

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