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This is the freewrite challenge. I am using @mariannewest’s #freewrite prompt to write this piece (https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-586-5-minute-freewrite-tuesday-prompt-chapter)

Today’s prompt is:


This is part four of a new freewrite series.

You can find parts one, two, three, if you are interested

Kelly watched as he placed a copy of the Government newspaper down on the table. He didn't appear to have a telephone. He took a sachet of sugar and tore the corner off of it and poured the grains into his cup.

She didn't know what to say. She couldn't remember if she was supposed to initiate the conversation. Was there a code word she was supposed to say? Why had her mind gone blank?

He looked at her as he stirred the coffee, and smiled. "I was expecting someone older," he said. "You are...how old? Twenty?"

Kelly shook her head. "I'm nineteen in a few days time."

He sighed and sat back in the seat. "You are so young. So much of life to experience. I fear I am writing the final chapter of my life."

Kelly bit her lip. Was that a cue for a code phrase response. She couldn't remember. "You aren't that old," she said, not knowing what to say.

He smiled. "No. But I take risks that will no doubt lead to my life being shortened." He leaned forward. "And so do you."


As usual, I started with the freewrite prompt and used themostdangerouswritingapp.com to write the first five minutes (and then popped it into google docs to check for errors and tidy it up a bit):


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Part 4? I'm going to read the others as soon as I finish dropping today's prompt!


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Note to self: Nominate this for the Friday Favorites post.
Note #2: Find that nomination post! Today is Thursday!
Note to @felt.buzz:

This is a great story!

Well written, articulate, punchy, with an awesome ending.
Truly one of the best 5-minute freewrites I've seen yet!

Ah bless you! 😍💞

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Fantastic. I have so many questions.
Where are the other three?
Love this one though.

You should find links (labeled one, two and three) in between the Prompt and the story

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Ah yes there they are, in the finest of fine print. thanks.