Changing the story: Day 5 freewrite 200 day contest

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I felt bad for slamming the door on George. But only for a second or two. No one else knew my latest manuscript was a totally new story. Remosa went on vacation and didn’t want any stories written about it. She insisted in fact, that there were other characters and stories that needed to shine.

We spent the first couple of months arguing about it. But finally I relented. Technically my book contract didn’t specify that I had to write about her. That’s what made agree to give her a break. LIttle did I know that opened up the gates to a whole new universe that came tumbling out the moment she said goodbye. It had been a little frightening at first.

I’d spent the last year and half writing my novel about it. And even George didn’t know it wasn’t a Remosa Redwing storyline until I broke down under his pestering and told him. Usually I crank out books every six months. He needed to know why this last one took so long.

It had been about six months since I confessed. And he was the only one who knew. He must have told someone. I’m just sorry the door didn’t hit him when I pushed him out. Well, not really but despite his denials he was the only one who could tell someone. But who? And why would they come into my house and change the label on my tea container?

I sat on my couch to try and think rationally about it. Was I overreacting? Nothing else had changed or been tampered with. I didn’t like feeling that angry or out of control.

Just then something caught my eye outside. I went to the window to get a better look. There it was, swinging from a tree.


Thank you for the day 5 prompt! I’m in London with my daughter today. We went out for a little bit to catch some Pokemon and find a swing at the park. After walking around we discovered there were no swings so we went for the word option. The Shard is in the background for good measure though. I hope to have time to post some more pictures soon. Now back to packing.

But I'll edit this better later. I've had no end of trouble and I hope I make the deadline!


All photos mine.

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