A Fiction Freewrite: Represent

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"Well, did you find it?"

Grintza closed her eyes and let out a sigh. "Yes, of course I found it. I found her," she clarified.

"You are sure it's the one." Grintze, Grintza's twin brother, closed the distance.

"Yes, I am sure," Grintza answered again, growing somewhat impatient with her brother. He was often overbearing, and now it was annoying.

"We've come a long way for you to be incorrect," Grintze continued calmly.

Grintza finally lost her patience with her twin. "I am aware of the distance. Hundreds of light years. And we have arrived at earth. Over 100 of their artificially divided 'nations' I have visited," she snarled. "I have met with leaders, with their politicians, religious leaders and scientists. I have even spent time with their homeless in an attempt to determine why a planet with their resources would even have any homeless. Sad, really."

"Yes, yes, yes, and to turn them off your trail I kidnapped cows and left marks in their crops, I know all this. But have you found what we are looking for?"

"One to represent earth?" Grintza smile. "Yes. Loving. Loyal to a fault. And certainly not greedy, though definitely playful." Grintza's smile grew wider as she summoned her chosen representative from earth, to represent the best the planet has to offer to her own people. "I have found Fido."


(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me.
(c) Victor Wiebe

(design by remyrequinart: https://steempeak.com/@remyrequenart)

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That is about right LOLL

Very cool Art!!! What did you use to make that? You are really good at it!!


I use either Poser3D or DAZ3D. Now, I don't create the actual models. I buy the models, but them pose them into whatever scene I want. I had the dog in a begging position at first but then felt this was more playful.

Cool!! thank you for the information!!!

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The perfect choice! I can think of no better life form to represent the best earth has to offer!

I agree! I don't know what we've done to deserve dogs, but I'm really glad I have mine. No matter what type of day I've had, she's always happy to see me and cheers me up.

Haha, The dog makes a good representative, WW.

Hee, thanks!

Hahaha, that's brilliant that! Kidnapped cows and crop circles, excellent!

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Thank you! And thanks for the link to the next challenge.

For real! If we could all just have the temperament of dogs, loving, loyal, joyous, supportive. Go Fido!

Woof! Woof! -wag- :)



Well, that will be the best choice. Loyalty is the character.=)

And the happy wag is always fun. :)

Fido! 😁 Nice #freewrite 👍


Oh man, this is so great. Fido indeed represents everything mankind should be.
Little Troy here at my feet agrees!

Thank you! At the very least I think I've been called a dog before!

Hahaha, the caller didn't realize that he or she was in fact blessing you!

Hope you get a chance to check out the latest post by @carolkean for the @freewritehouse. You are all over it LOL

Oh awesome! Thanks for the pointer!

lol! that's about right sir wwwiebe! Very clever and great writing. Oh, and the artwork, can't forget that awesomeness! lol.