A Blank Page of Paper

in freewrite •  10 months ago


Without a pen, my blank page of paper seems lost. It needs a proper scrawl of scribbles. However, I’ve lost my pen. Good thing I still have my typewriter.

Wait a minute! The typewriter is gone too. I’d better jump on the computer.

A sad story; the computer crashed last night and now I have a message from a shadowy fellow in Belarus that I need to pay up or my stash of notes, writings, and my WIP will be erased.

I’m on my phone typing this out with my thumbs. Man I wish I could find my pen.

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I hope that sad story isn't true! Please tell me it's not...


No. I made that up. ;-) Although, I could tell you about the time I was on deadline, 3,500 words in, and the computer froze. I had to rewrite that one in 4 hours.


Relieved to hear that but, wow. That’s pretty bad. All’s well that ends well?


There is a malware that locks your computer until you pay a ransom. I’ve heard of it costing thousands to unlock. Hopefully, that never happens to me. The time my computer crashed was in the late 90s before hard drives. It really sucked but the second draft was much tighter.

Very funny, people like us use our phones all the time, 😁

I'll suggest you start getting use to google speech to text.


I've gotten good with using my thumbs! Funny you mention that: I'm playing with a speech-to-text app right now. It doesn't work. ;-)

Don't you think as a writer a blank sheet of paper is one of the most intimidating yet inspiring things possible? Depending on current frame of mind I guess :-)

Upvoted and Followed :-)


A blank screen does it for me now. But I remember sitting at the Selectric facing a blank sheet of paper and praying the muse would whisper something. Inspiring indeed!


Yeah a blank screen can be just exactly the same, in some ways more intimidating/inspirational because the screen is infinite in size :-D

Empty paper has always been so intimidating and alluring. Now I use just my phone most days. Love the selfie!


I wished you could find your pen too!!!

Where is that pen when you need it the most. Thank goodness this was not a true story...now I can say it made me chuckle. : )

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Thanks for the prompt. I'm trying to find a glass of milk for my selfie.

you need to go to the store and buy some pens LOLLL

I did mine on my phone today and it is just BAD........fustrating......and errrrrr yaaaaaa :D great freewrite Oh and I only use 1 thumb loll


I’m just waiting for the mind-writer so I can just look at the page and words appear as if magic.