Day-489-Freewrite Thursday dPoll Hustle

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Below is my 5 minute #freewrite on today's prompt: hustle

If you've never written a #freewrite before, please visit today's post by @mariannewest

I'm trying to hustle up some votes for the @steemitbloggers fir this here dPoll:

Dan is going to delegate 20,000 steem power to one lucky community, fir one year. The community that has the most votes wins.

I reckon if you haven't voted yet, maybe you could help a cowpoke out and mosey over to this post and pull the trigger on @steemitbloggers, I'd be mighty great full!

And maybe you could round up your posse and git them to vote for @steemitbloggers too!

Those folks over at @powerhousecreatives are working hard everyday to help all you youngins grow here on Steemit.

Please help us grow with you! 🙏

Story by Bruni


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A nice little support story indeed! This little cowgirl already gave her vote to our fantastic community. And I'm happy to support all these lovely appeals until I can get my own post out, too! :)

Thanks for the reminder to vote!
Who's the Friday prompt deliverer?
I'll go:

Voted. Go go go! Powerhousecreatives Go!