Day-655-Freewrite Tuesday Ideas Worth Spreading 💡

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: ideas worth spreading
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Have you ever any ideas worth spreading, or even getting a patent for? A new fangled toothbrush, excercise machine, or maybe a sparkly cat collar! The other day while eating a half gallon of Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream, don't worry it was "light" ice cream, so I'm sure it was keto friendly, I got this great idea. This ice cream has lemon sherbet, vanilla ice cream, and bits of sour patch kids candy in a tasty swirl. The ratio of sweetness to tangyness, was perfect, but as I was getting to the bottom of the container, it hit me, this would be perfect if I added Gummi Bears to it. I grabbed my five pound bag of gummies and threw a couple handfuls to the last of the container. The taste was marvelous! I searched frantically on the container for a contact phone number, to call or text. Score!!! I grabbed my trusty LG android phone with my sticky hands, and texted the number telling them my idea. I received this message back, "Thank you for contacting Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream! Please wait for a Brand Ambassador to respond. We will be with you momentarily". If I'm rewarded with my free 100 gallons of gummi ice cream, I'm going to throw a big party with about 10 gallons. 😁 Then I'm gonna eat the other 90 keto friendly gallons, to my heart's content. 😁 Genius!

Story by Bruni
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I'm not a big fan of candy, but that certainly sounds like an interesting combination!

It was really good. 😁 Thanks for stopping by. 👍

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Hahaha... Gummi Bears swimming inside the ice-cream... Interesting idea indeed!

I love gummi bears 💕

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Candy mixed with ice cream!? I bet it tastes amazing, but oh man what a sugar overload! I'd be up all night after eating that. lol.

It should be eating around lunchtime. 🤣🤣🤣

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I haven’t eaten ice cream in many years but lemon sherbet and vanilla sounds divine……not sure about the candy part though.
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Thanks for the drop @deirdyweirdy 💕

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