Day-521-Freewrite Monday Wild

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Below is my 5 minute #freewrite on today's prompt: wild

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If you head out Debbie's backdoor, the first thing you run into is this traveling rose vine that is growing wild from this lopsided pot. The roots broke through the pot, so now I can't move it.
I just want to trim it all back, but Debbie says she wants to try and grow the clippings by putting them in potatoes. Has anybody heard of such a thing? We're supposed to clean it up this weekend if the weather is nice but who knows, our weathermen suck.
If we do trim in back, the only thing I'll miss is when I walk past this branch with my shirt off, it scratches my back just right! Then Debbie accuses me of cheating on her with the neighbor. 😁

Story and photos by Bruni
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that's crasy that it broke through it's pot! Perhaps you could put a trellis up for it to climb on. I have heard of starting cuttings in potatoes but I've never tried it. Good luck with it!

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