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When I was just a "little" boy, my sister and I would walk to the neighborhood playground, a couple blocks from our house.

We would play on the merry-go-round, or the jungle gym, or swing on the swing set, or play volleyball.

One day we were the only two kids on the playground and I told my sister that I wanted to swing. She said I can't swing because I was too heavy. I said "please".

So we went over to the swings and I placed my big butt in the seat, so far so good. I sat down and it was holding me, yeah! She's watching me closely and I draw back, then let got, I'm swinging.

I tell her to push me, so she gets behind me and pushes. I'm swinging. I tell her higher, she says the bar is bowing. I said what? She yells the bar is bowing, so I try to stop and the seat gives way and I go flying in the dirt. Butt first.

I broke the freak'in swing, me and my fat ass. My sister stands there, laughing at me and my torn shorts. We walk back home and my mamma yells at my sister, for letting me play on the swings.

Needless to say, that was the last time I ever got on a swing or anything that swings.

Boy thirteen was a tough year for me!

Story and selfie by Bruni


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I can’t ever tell if these are real or not. Either way, they are entertaining.

I’m having fun watching the challenge.


Me too. 👍👍

Thirteen how tough for me too! But it was a funny scene Bruni :-P


For sure. 😂