Day 661: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday-Prompt: kitchen

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Day 661: 5 Minute Freewrite Challenge initiated by @mariannewest: Monday-Prompt: kitchen


Doughnut Affair

"Where is my dinner?" he was bitchin',
As he walked into the kitchen.
"Get out of my kitchen!" Now she was bitchin'.
"What time will dinner be ready?" yelled Teddy.
"When I say it is ready!" yelled his wife Betty.

She softly giggled with a hand that was steady,
Pouring Exlax to the max, the meat sauce would be heady.
Betty knew he was having an affair; it was the blonde with short hair,
Who worked at the bakery making doughnuts, what a putz.
Betty named her "Miss Doughnut Hole,"
Because of Teddy's role, with his manly pole.
After dinner, doughnuts were served.
Teddy's eyes bugged out; caught, no doubt.
His acid reflex gerd, he purged.

In the morning, instead of rolling in the bakery dough with is hoe,
Teddy sat for hours on the toilet bowl, his body taking a heavy toll.
Dehydrated and thirsty, he begged for mercy.
Betty, elated with his moans and groans,
Threw his clothes out the window shouting, "It's time for you to go!"
She left for work and yelled, "Teddy, you are such a jerk!"
"See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya!"

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Well lucky for this Tuesday encourager, I came across your Monday prompt posted Tuesday so I won't miss sending you the next one!
Ex Lax!!!! Donuts!!! Way to go Betty! I hope he's gone when she gets back.

Here's the Tuesday prompt, so please write us another!

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HaHa! He better be gone! Thanks for the prompt delivery. : )

Your poem got me rollin', what a crappy way to be. Suits him right!

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HaHa! "A crappy way to be." You have got that right!

Ha ha ha! That was a unique take on a freewrite prompt! Betty sure got even.

Thanks so much SG! Betty is my hero. LOL!

Bwahaha!! Awesome freewrite @whatisnew!!!
OMG if I see any ''doughnuts'' 🍩 anywhere I will
be thinking about this story!! :-)

Thanks so much @shasta! Any way I can get you thinking of me is fine by me. LOL!

OMG!! This is so fun to read!!!! (^_^)v

Yay! I made you smile! Mission accomplished. LOL! Thanks Shei! : )

hahaha! this one is hilarious Butterfly! You really have a gift. Miss Doughnut Hole, lol. I love donuts, now this puts a bad light on them. I mean, do you ever watch The Simpsons? And how much Homer likes donuts? That's me. lol. Dunkin Donuts is my favorite restaurant!

Yay! I made you laugh. : ) I bet you will chuckle the next time you eat a doughnut. When I worked, 2 boxes of Dunkin' Donuts were waiting for us every morning. It was a nice treat but now I am sick of them. Too much of a good thing. Did you know that some people call that place "Draggin' Dog Nuts?" LOL!

hey don't insult the name of my favorite restaurant like that! lol... no I haven't heard that, that's mean! lol. I don't actually care what they call them as long as they stay in business and keep putting out deadly donuts! I haven't had them forever actually because I don't know where there's one around here even so it's been years.

What kind of dream job was that?? I'd work there just for the donuts!