Romance: A Mashed Potato Story

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I'm just going to keep this basic and direct you and the other people who come across this post to other posts to get more details! But basically this is a new version of "hot potato" for the Freewrite Over 20 Club.

Details about the game here at @fireawaymarmot's blog.

Over at @mariannewest's blog, you can find a handy list of everyone in the Over 20 Club here.

You have received a "mashed potato", consisting of both Potato and Mash.

POTATO = prompt
MASH = story

The challenge being issued is for you to come up with an additional prompt (AKA the "potato") with the option of creating a story incorporating all of the prompts so far (AKA the "mash").

Here is the Prompt List so far:
And for YOU, dear FreeWriter, I've added:

The first prompt and story by @fireawaymarmot:

Mashed Potato

He gazes at the letter in his hand, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. It had been left on his front porch, in a plain white envelope, and he'd actually stepped on it as he ventured out for the morning paper.

It looks like some sort of an advertisement. At the top is a strange drawing of a pin up model made of some kind of strange glop or something. Mashed potato? When you receive a bowl of mashed potatoes you must add a "potato" prompt of your own.

With a grunt of disgust he crumples the paper into a ball and tosses it into the nearby trash can. A chain letter! What kind of fool goes along with that sort of nonsense? Picking up his newspaper, he stumbles back inside, and promptly forgets about the whole thing.

It isn't until about a week later that she enters into his life…

The second prompt and story by @mariannewest:


It was early evening when he heard a light knock on his door. First, he was going to ignore the noise at the door. That is what it sounded like to him. But the knocking grew louder.

He pushed back his chair. "Damn kids! What do they want now?"
Yesterday, at the same time - right when he wanted to eat his dinner, these neighborhood brats had tried to sell him some chocolate and a magazine subscription so they could go on a class trip. As if he cared!

Ready to let them know what he was thinking, he threw open the door.

"Get lost" was what he was going to say. But when he saw her, standing in his doorway, kissed by the last rays of the evening sun "Good Gravy!" came out of his mouth instead.

"Come again?" She said.
Her face showed that she had no idea what his exclamation meant.

He didn't know what to do. She was beautiful and mysterious at the same time and he was for once out of words.

"So, you did get my note," she said. "The mashed potato note. Why didn't you respond with gravy a week ago? Why did you make me come here?"

His eyes hang on her lips, but he had no idea what she was saying.

The prompt given to @stinawog was "Chain Letter." Here's installment #3:

Chuck was dumbstruck, quite literally. He felt like a dunce. Not the impression he'd like to be making on this beautiful woman. Then his senses started to come back to him. What did he know about her, other than she was beautiful, with hints of red in her hair, shining in the light of the setting sun, curvaceous hips (also well-silhouetted by the light), and lovely full lips that had just said, "So, you did get my note"? That jolted Chuck back into reality. The other thing he knew about her was that she had sullied his porch with a gd chain letter! Now she didn't look quite so attractive.

"You! You sent me that weird mashed potato picture! Who do you think you are!?" Chuck put his hands out to either side door frame, blocking any possibility of entry. She shrank back a bit, then seemed to gather her own indignation.

"What? You said you wanted to participate! It was going to be a fun game, a little flirt, all harmless, and then YOU didn't respond! So I thought you wanted to kick it up a notch and just meet in person finally, but now I get this? Who do you think YOU are?"

What the hell was she talking about? Finally meet in person? Chuck didn't talk to many people, in person or otherwise, and he sure never talked with any woman about any sort of potato game.

"Well, hang on," he said, relaxing his arms a bit. "Who do YOU think I am?"

She looked at him quizzically and took a small inhalation, as if preparing to answer. Good gravy indeed. Damn if she wasn't the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on, chain letter or no.

My Part is the Forth Installment


"You are Chuck. Chuck Hasselhoff?"

"Who sent you here? Was it Ralph? That playful bastard. He did this, didn't he?"

She forced a smile and leaned in closer, "Yes. He told me you needed some romance." Her hand stroked the doors freshly painted frame with the back of her hand. With the other hand, she makes a vee symbol, opening and closing the finger scissors. "Are you going to let me in or let me stand out here waiting for the rains to come?"

Dibbles a sweat trickled down Chuck's forehead, some gathered in his luscious eyebrows. He wipes it away with the sleeve of his shirt. He debates with himself whether or not to let her in. It was his birthday after all. Had someone finally listened to his pleas of wanting to be with a woman such as he had before him?

His lower head started to do the thinking.

As he let the woman in through the front door, his eyes moved from your butt down to the scar on her right ankle. It was decorated to look like it was a missile going into space from a desert floor surrounded by cacti. A menacing faced cat has it's paw in the air, ready to smack the toys on the desert ground.

She spots the mashed potato picture hanging above the head of a mannequin with a paper dartboard attached to its face and darts sticking out.

Chuck comes to her side holding his hand out, "Would you like to a few darts? It would be gravy err ... groovy."

"Do you know what makes me hot?" She rubs up against Chuck's arm.

"Chain letters with my name on it."


And that's my entry! Phew, I did it. Now let me pass this mashed potato on before it all drips onto the floor. Heads up, @improv, coming your way!

  • The prompt I have for you is

(And, just a little explanation, I had to include the prompts "mashed potato," "gravy," "chain letter," and "romance" in my story. @improv will have one more prompt still, mwahaha.)

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Been offsite for a while, sorry that I haven't commented till now... Very gratifying to see what you're doing with my little game!


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