Halcyon Days: Day 5 of 5: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: emperor

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Below is a @freewrite story that is part of a 5-day challenge too myself.

  1. Halcyon Days | 2. Window | 3. Rote | 4. Emporer

Below is day 5 is combined with days 1, 2, 3, and 4. The prompt is: Emporer

Halcyon Days

It was the tail-end of the Halcyon days, right before the disruptive weather that wasn't typical for this time of year came whipping through with winds predicted over 230 miles an hour winds, followed by rain that could turn into ice and kill a man, followed by lightning and thunderstorms that would shake the ground violently. This type of weather happened every hundred years or so.

Leil Hochi watched the birds from behind the window. They were particularly brutal during mating season and he could always tell which bird would go up against the more experience to challenge for the mating position. The thrill of waiting to see who came out on top still surprised him at times. They never quibbled over the deaths.

The planet, Ebichi, seemed to rock with the waves crashing against the shore, the calmest it will be for months to follow.

The viceroy tapped his finger on the chair's bar, his ideological ideas not playing out as expected and it's been predicted that he's about to lose half of what he built because he failed to listen to his council when they said he needed to focus on infrastructure, not his childish drawings of stadiums and such.

His niece entered the room with, a book under her arm. The spine read "The Kybalion." Another storm was brewing, although she couldn't see it yet as she was wrapped up in the old ways her uncle used to treat her. She forgave his cruel remarks, suppressing each lashing that struck her soul with a new intensity.

"What is that under your arm?" asked the viceroy.

"A book."

He shifted in his chair, visibly annoyed at her reply. "I can see it is a book. Where did you get it?"

"A courier dropped it off. He said it would be of interest to me." She came up to her uncle and kissed him on the forehead before taking a seat beside him. "Don't worry about it."

"I'm not worried. I thought we went over this. You're too good to be reading like the commoners. Leave that trash to them. It rots your mind." He'd seen the book before and heard of its said powers. A bunch of hocus pocus and nonsense is what he thought of it. Man's law were the highest in the land and he would not have anyone thinking otherwise. But, he couldn't snatch it away from her because then she might turn against him. He had to be subtle due to her rebellious nature.

Leil pressed his hand against the window, feeling the temperature drop as he watched the moon rising into heaven as the sun disappeared behind the mountain. The storm was a day out, according to reports.

Leil took his hand away from the glass and watched as the heat from his hand evaporated off the window. Turning around, he looked at Yohunu, taking note of the single flower in her hair and the way she slathered her toast with a butter knife. So much to learn yet about the truth.

He walked toward the viceroy in the rote way he'd been taught since his early childhood days, after being captured and brought to live under the viceroy's roof as a slave, an honored one but still a slave.

The viceroy sat stewing, almost ready to burst out. He'd hated those who didn't fit into the cookie-cutter shape he deemed worthy. He was scheming ways in his mind how he could further square the circle in his niece's mind before she got any brilliant ideas. A rope around her neck, a hired assassin, ... have the slave do it - yes, he went crazy. Call the guards to save me before the slave gets to me. No, you'll have to kill him or he'll talk.

In walked the perfect nanny, the only woman who the viceroy could trust to carry out his orders. In her hand was a silver tray with a lid covering it. The smell of burnt toast swept out from underneath the covering into the room.

"Viceroy Eqi, we overcooked the toast just the way you like it."

"As always," his mind not waving from what he had planned for his niece's new book, "your timing is perfect. I'm famished."

The nanny came up beside the viceroy and set down the tray on the table. Leil Hochi watched in silence as the viceroy whispered something in the nanny's ear. As she left, she broke the custom of how to leave the viceroy, two bows and a head nod were not given. Her vigorous steps led her to and out the door's exit.

As quickly as she left, the nanny had quickly re-entered with a cup in her hand.

Leil knew the viceroy was going to destroy the book he'd been waiting for. He had no other choice but to act. He kept pace behind the nanny as soon as she passed him. When she was close enough to the viceroy, he kicked the cup from her hand, the contents of the container splashing into the viceroy's face, and then pushed the nanny aside with such force that slammed her against a wall.

The viceroy screamed out in agony, jerking his hands to his face. The acid that was meant for the book was eating his face.

Yojunu eyes were wide and her body remained motionless.

Leil grabbed the book from the table and darted to the door's exit. He took out the guards with ease with a kick to one's head and, grabbing that one's spear, he jabbed it into the chest of the other.

Leil's only concern was to get the book to the emperor across the land. He'd hoped he wouldn't have to deal with the viceroy's men so soon but that was no longer the case. The viceroy would waste no time hunting him down.

To Be Continued

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