Day 48: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: wet

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Is there anyone who would like to get wet with me? We can splash around in the water together.

Maybe you'd like to join me in the hot rain showers that come down in places like Hawaii. That would be nice. I've been in those warm waters once. It was like getting into a warm bath. It was awesome.

We went to the beach for Taijiquan class. This was not a day I wanted to get wet because I would not have a place to take a shower, due to it being Memorial Day.

I used to play in the wet mud as a child. That was always a nice thing for my mom to clean up. Haha!

The weather out here in CA has been the opposite of wet. We have been in a drought for over seven years. We need the rain but it does suck to be homeless when the rain comes. Unless you have an indoor spot to go, sleeping under a doorways entrance is one of the only ways of keeping from getting wet.

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Have we talked about both living in CA yet?


We have not. What is on your mind?


@tristancarax Well, let's start with which part? I'm in L.A.!


We are both in the same city. I stay in Hollywood for the most part. You?


@tristancarax Also Hollywood! Ha! Do you know about the Hollywood Fringe Festival?


I do now. I'll go if there is a free show, otherwise I won't be able to go. Maybe I'll volunteer as a way to go.

We should make a time to hook up if you are available to do so. Sunday's Farmer's Market on Ivar would be a great place to meet up, or maybe you'd like to come to the Hollywood YMCA where we can hang for a bit.

  ·  last year (edited)

We've been talking about signing up for the YMCA for, like, forever, but filling out the financial aid paperwork is always a task we postpone. There are lots of free and Pay What You Can Shows!

Including the one I'm in:


Are you sure that is the one you are in? You don't look like a Janus, it is a one-man show and sorry, don't have the $10. I could be wrong. You might just shave your beard for the show. haha

If you want to come to the Y and chill with me for a little while, that we can do. I will be able to get you in free for at least one day. We can play racquetball (I rarely play, but it is a fun thing now and again).

That drought there is terrible! I can't imagine going that many years without rain. Thoe photo looks very uncomfortable. I feel sorry for all homeless people but in that situation that would really stink!


It isn't that we haven't had rain. The last two years we had better rain fall than the five before it. It just hasn't been enough. And, if it all comes at one time, that is also not good. I wish they'd stop straying the skies. Maybe then we could get back to normal conditions.

Did you know there are enough vacant buildings for every one to have at least one place to themselves. However, if you don't have the green paper, you're worth nothing to this Government. Really sad.


I didn't know that about the rain. Yes, without the green, we are all out of luck. :(

Very good freewrite. You covered many ways to be wet. Thank you for not showing us your wet boogers!!!! I wish I has a pool for today's selfie!


You/re the second person that has said they don't want to see my boogers. They might be very good looking but you'll never know.

  ·  last year (edited)

I think I was in Belize that last time I had a warm rain shower. It did feel nice. I don't know how the homeless do it; I would be a wreck. (Or, I would live in the mountains.)

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