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RE: Writers or wanna be Writers Wanted!!!! Be Free! Freewrite!

in #freewrite5 years ago

Very cool idea. You know I believe there is a book that uses this concept, something about being a good writer or songwriter, I forget. But either way I like this, I have always meant to do an exercise like this and never have. I may try this out. I will keep my eyes open for the first prompt. I need to get my creative juices flowing one day so why not here :)


Writing Down the Bones.

Also the artists way has stuff like this in it

Thank you for sharing this link!

That was it, the artists way. Yeah I love it's being executed here in a different way.

Yes!! There are lots of different writers suggesting daily prompts like this. It helps to get over the inner critic :)

Good point. I know that critic well ;)

I think we all do. And we just have to get okay with producing 80 or even 90% not so great stuff to get to the one great sentence we all have in us somewhere :) Down, inner critic, down!! lol

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