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This challenge prompt goes right along with yesterday’s word, change. I’m been told many times I’m crazy for picking up and moving to the woods to live off-grid. I guess it’s all in how you chose to define crazy. While my primitive lifestyle is foreign to most folks in the U.S., it has its merits.


But back to crazy. It’s entirely possible, I might be crazy as a loon. For I live without running water or electric. No utilities whatsoever and I use a fancy dancy outhouse to use as my think tank. I like to think I’m crazy like a fox. For when regular folks lose power, say for a weather event or have a boil advisory for a water main break; I’m sitting pretty back here like nothing ever happened. My food does not spoil and my heating remains steady.

If I get snowed in for a few weeks, it’s no big deal. I carry on as I would normally. My life is not affected by the things that can knock a whole city out. Because this crazy fox, has prepared, just as our ancestors did.


Not so crazy. We are a growing number. Cutting ties to civilization as some have called it, means freedom to me...

I've never felt so free. Everything is up to me, if it doesn't get done, it's because I didn't do it. This is a great life, were almost all of my actions have some sort of reward attached to them.

Absolutely sane! Other people are insane for depending on the system. I hope I will be able to join you soon being off-grid, but for now, all I have are dreams (and a small garden, and a few foraging spots)! :) Followed!

Thanks for the follow. I didn't take the plunge till I was in my late 50's. If anything, I wish I'd have done it sooner.

I think that you are among the best kind of "crazy" there is :) Some day, I want to visit you!!
Today's prompt: yup. it is one of those words which is used so much in so many ways. Glad we pulled some threads - am sure you are going to go deeper some day - or not :)

You'd love it here, I'm sure. I'm getting so many ideas for articles by doing these prompts. I definitely have to thank you for that!

I think it's admirable and courageous, your choice of lifestyle! If only more of us could be so brave... And I love your photo!! Lol... :)

You definitely have to be in the mindset to appreciate it, that's for sure. What feels like freedom to me might be someone else's nightmare.

So true... It's all about perception...

Hey Sis! Love your kind of crazy! Great picture!

We are sisters from a another mother. I'm convinced, haha. Thanks, I had that pic in my computer. I didn't take it for the challenge. Which makes it all the better.

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