Freewrite: Cold person.

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!Hello friends! This is my entry to respond to FreeWrite's motivating challenge of the daily challenge of @mariannewest.

A few months ago my mother-in-law died, she was a cheerful and very hard woman for her age, always independent and hardworking, she died from complications with her age, when we learned of her death we left her house very fast, she was in her bed, I I approached her body, I touched her hands and it hurt me so much, her body was cold, purple and stiff ... And as much as I endured she cried, it was not easy for me because I had to be strong for my husband and my daughters, but see my mother-in-law such a dear person, who gave me and raised my life partner there cold, without vital signs it was not easy.

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This was a very touching story @teresah, and it took a lot of bravery for you to share something so personal, so thank you very much for sharing it, it's awesome.

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If it is very strong to remember that moment... Thank you for the support.

Thanks @teresah, and keep up your awesome work.

Oh, sad! I felt the same way on seeing my mother-in-law at the visitation at the funeral home. I'd held it all in until seeing the body in the coffin. Then I just couldn't stop crying. She had 90+ years here; no matter; it still felt too soon to lose her. The old ones are the strong ones. Thank you for this.

You're right it's never enough time, it always hurts. Regards!!