Wild West - Chapter 7 - Part 1 - 5 minute freewrite challenge

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Chapter 7

Part 1

Arriving back to town there were several women with food trolleys out on the streets, trying to make a ribe or two by selling prepared meals, mostly meat stews and pies. They weren't hungry per say, but the scent of food definitely brought up their appetite and they were then very much looking forward to the “pritta” that Jimmy promised them.

There were plenty of children outside at that time too, doing all sorts of things – from playing with each other and helping their moms to polishing shoes and revolvers and taking care of the horses. Walking down the streets, the town definitely appeared much livelier than what they had experienced before.

During their walk through town several other men of all different ages joined them – Jimmy’s brothers. Tom and James were introduced to a total of 9 men, all Chuck’s sons and of working age.

Their house was newly built – as most of the others in that area – and looking at it from afar, it looked like a house that could house two regular families – definitely not the biggest of houses. There were several children outside, either working or playing, and plenty of women, too. One of the younger girls stepped up, hugged Chuck first and told him “pritta” was ready, then went on to hug her brothers. James and Tom were at the back, and she only noticed them later, pointing her finger at them from some distance, and asking out loud.

“Who are you two?” The little girl didn’t appear afraid, or in need of her father in any way. Even at a young age – probably about 4 or 5 – she was already a born fighter.

Disclaimer: The full story is in its unfinished state. All content is tentative to change.

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an idea for a story you'd love to read,
a journey to the unknown my keyboard will lead.

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The last one I read they had just entered a town! I love the last line how the young girl was a born fighter. It gave me the chills!

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Appears to be a necessity to have your skin tough as nails as soon as you are born. After all, it is no fairy tale under that dome.

  ·  last year (edited)

Dude youre killing it! - Gained a follower. Gonna binge a bunch of your stuff tonight. Rock on. I'm working on a series here - At some point I'd love to get you on as a guest writer or something. Any who - best of luck - glad I came across this/ your page. Would love to get your thoughts on my entry for he Trolley prompt.

Thanks! That would be awesome if you read either some other of my stories, or the entirety of Wild West :3 I would appreciate any feedback! :D
A guest writer? Holy monkey testicles! Absolutely!

I've read your trolley, but will leave a comment there! ;D

  ·  last year (edited)

There is a lot of built up content here - very impressive brother! Impressive indeed! I read a few pieces last night - all out of order - i have no idea why - I should have just started at the beginning - Think tonight ill be cuddling up with the doggo / a glass of whine and starting for the beginning of the Wild West material.

Based on what i did get to read - my original comment still stands - You have a great voice . I'm among good company here.

If you're serious about the Guest writer bit - That makes me super happy - WE will split rewards on the post - At minimum - Depending on what you write / how it does.

I got a upvote from curie last week - I'm looking to give back. Working on graphics right now for a contest. Since you seem cool ill give you a heads up..... SHHHHH!

5 SBD prize pool
First gets - 3
Second - 1.5
Third - .5
Take a picture of your desk/ writing area
In no more than 250 words tell me about why you love writing

Should have the graphics done by Sunday - contest will run a week - Further rules will included in the Announcement post.

I.. ugh... I have no idea why either. Trying to skip pages like I did back in high school? :P (Don't you tell no one I said that though!)

Thank you very much though! Means a great deal! I hope you don't change your mind after reading what I've come up with so far (even though it's all going to be edited many, many times still. :P)

About being a guest writer - I'm not quite sure what you have in mind, but as long as it's fun and challenging, I'm in! And, I mean, since you've mentioned rewards as well - I already said yes yesterday!

Hmmm. I somewhat panicked when I read that, then looked around the desk and realized it's actually super tidy. A couple sticky notes here and there on what stuff needs be done either this or the following day, and a glass (of what I hope was once water) that's been here for just a little too long. Maybe I should take that back to the sink and wash it. But it's late today, so... Tomorrow!
I will most definitely be entering though!

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