Suspect - A short story written in five minutes

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“Can you tell us anything about the suspect? Color of his skin, maybe? Height?” The officer asked.

“He was around 6 feet tall, maybe an inch or two smaller, but we wore a mask and long sleeves, so I don’t know about the skin color, sorry.”

“It was a male, then?” I nodded. “Are you positive about that?”

“I don’t think any girl could build that amount of muscle,” I chuckled.

He gave me the look and the smile on my face immediately vanished. “Anything else you remember about the suspect? Was he limping, had a tick, or anything like that?”

“Now that you mention it, he did have abnormally large feet.” He just stared at me, waiting for me to continue. “He wore black Chuck Taylors with a white sole–or at least what once was a white sole. They’ve been hardly black and white at all and I could see them tearing up in all places.”

“What else did he wear? Do you remember his clothing?”

“He wore a black three striped tracksuit, you know, the one of which the stripes of the upper half match perfectly with the lower half, and a black ski mask on his face. He also wore black gloves, but I couldn’t tell if they were leather or not.”

“Is that all?” I nodded. “Thank you for your intel. We’ll stay in touch.”

The prompt was:

"Describe your shoes"

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There is a lot I could learn from this

  1. get taller
  2. look more muscular
  3. wear trackies and a balaclava
  4. put on a second pair of shoes
  5. get away with robbing a bank
  ·  last year (edited)

Key points being:

  1. Appear taller
  2. Look more muscular
  3. Become a Slav
  4. Wear five pairs of winter socks
  5. We split the profits 50/50.*

*You, of course, do all the work. I was, after all, the brains behind the mission. ;)

I already have the muscle suit, and that's fine, I do an amazing innocent act so no one would ever blame me :p

See? Now we're talking business.
Forget that idea of a company of ours - ... Or wait. We need to launder money somewhere. >;)

Shhhhh batman might hear you :p

He won't bother coming without his signal.

Hey, brother how are you @svashta!

I enjoy reading your excellent content!

It has also served as learning, it is but it goes well in everything!

I will follow your publications closely ...


Thanks @nachomolina! :D
Happy to have you on board! ^^