well well well

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What have we got here

Makes me think of a older white guy kind of sneering and saying (looking down at someone, probably a kid, maybe a teenager), "Well, well, well. Lookit what we got here." And then proceeding to say something along the lines of, caught you red-handed, you scoundrel, OR fancy seeing you here in these parts, OR OR OR

A kindly person, probably a woman, rotund, opening a cardboard box on her porch after the doorbell rang. No one is around. She lifts the lid and inside is a roly-poly puppy, OR a bunch of kittens, OR it's actually a bassinet with a well-cared for baby inside it and a note with the baby's name. The baby's mother was a young single teenager and as much as she loved her baby, she didn't think she could provide for it in the way it needed. But eventually, because this is a Hallmark movie, the kindly older woman takes in both the baby and it's mother and everyone lives happily ever after. Not dead.

But in the first case, it's not a Hallmark movie, and the kid or teenager, well, that's time, but let's just say the kid or teenager gets even with the sneering man because it's a scrappy kids movie where the kids win the day.

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