Turn off

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Turn off
Turn off makes me think of how I'd like to pause the world. I'd pause the world and first just sleep a long, long time, but aging would be suspended for me, too, while the world is paused, so I could sleep like Rip Van Winkle for years on end and everything would just wait. But then I'd wake up and have all the energy I need to declutter and organize and clean. And then I would sleep again. And then, with a fresh home, I could read and read and read, read all the books I've started and not finished, read Brendan's stuff that I should have finished long ago, and read new things. And then I could sleep again for awhile. Of course I'd be eating and drinking whenever I need. No food would spoil because everything is paused. And then what would I do? Write, hike, explore the paused world. Sleep some more. Catch up on whatever work I want to catch up on. And just be. Breathe. Rest. Do silly stuff. Dance. Listen to music. Be. Sleep when I want. Think. And when I grew tired of not spending time with others, I could unpause everything and I would be rejuvenated and feel caught up and not like I'm running behind a slowly chugging train, and I could do better work for the world and be more committed to community and improving the world and toppling capitalism. And that would be nice. Oh I think the time is up but on silent? Yes it is, but I caught the symbol on the tab changing to indicate the time was up.

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