put your feet up

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"Put your feet up and stay awhile," Maurelius said. I caught a whiff of sarcasm in her voice, I thought, but my feet really were tired after the five mile walk to see her and gather herbs from her secret garden. So I plopped myself down on her easy chair and pulled the lever and "fwoop" went the foot rest and I settled back.

"Thanks," I said, but she'd already turned away, maybe not wanting to give away if she'd been sincere or not. God, this chair was both uncomfortable and the most comfortable all at the same time. How was that even possible? So many lumps in strange places, but almost like the chair knew which muscles of mine needed the pressure. It hurt and had me nearly asleep before she came back with two steaming cups of tea.

"So. Must have been important, for you to make the trek," she said. Her way of asking what I needed the herbs for.

"Yep. It's important." My way of telling her a bit but not all.

She narrowed her eyes at me. She always said more with her eyes than with her voice. But I couldn't tell her. I couldn't tell anyone. If I so much as voiced it aloud in my own head, he'd come for me. So I leaned back further into the lumps and let that chair work its magic while my tea cooled. Maurelius sat back in her rocking chair and sipped her tea. I could feel her eyes on me.

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