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My five year old insisted on hanging an empty picture frame on their bedroom wall.

I said, "Why? Don't you want a cool picture in it?"

They said, "No. It's the most beautiful just the way it is. I can see the world in it."

"The world? What do you mean?"

"This is the world," they said, pointing to the wall within the picture frame, and using that duh, mom tone of voice that they were having a tendency to use more and more often.

Then a couple weeks later, I noticed the wall within the picture frame looked a little different. I looked closely--had my kid colored within the frame? But it was all the same color, I could easily see when I removed the frame. I put it back and stood back and studied the wall. How was it different? I couldn't figure anything visual out, but I just knew it was different.

A few weeks later still, I thought I saw that spot within the frame moving. It was just out of the corner of my eye as I was cleaning up my kiddo's room. I glanced over, thinking I would see a fly or a spider on the wall, but there was nothing.

(This freewrite was inspired by a list of "creepy things kids say" tweets I read earlier today. :D)

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