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"Move your money, would you?" God was I ever sick of having to ask these billionaire gajillionaires to move their money off the train cars. They really thought their money deserved a whole seat. They even put their money in car seats and buckled it in. Well I was about to go on a tirade and flip all the baby moneys out of their seats and out of the high-speed train's windows. And then I'd probably be thrown in the pit again. I didn't want that. I kept my baby money flipping daydreams to myself as the billionaire gajillionaire in front of me actually did move his money so I could have a seat and rest my tired feet.

It was hard work living in this society. There might be a high speed train to take me most of the way to my b&b job, but after it got to the village, I still had to walk four miles up windy hills with no sidewalks. Not like I could afford a gajillionuber. I was just lucky the trains were free. So I walked the four miles up the hill, worked my four hour shift at the b&b, then walked the four miles back down to the train and boy if I didn't want to just sit on the two hour ride back to the cheaposcape. So I was actually a bit filled with gratitude to the billionaire gajillionaire, and I know how fucked up that is, but I was practically already asleep so I couldn't spare myself too much of a rod.

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