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Mini computer
These things we call phones. I do so much more computer related things with my phone than I do actually speaking with others. Of course it's lovely and convenient, most of the time. Especially maps. I like figuring out all the ways I can get a place using maps, which often means for me figuring out a combo bus and bike route. Or just bike route. Or just bus. Anyway, transportation yay! I wish we had block cars and block doctors and that everything was more communal. Oops I just did a freewrite no no and crossed off some words. I was imagining a world in which people just left their keys in their ignitions and all cars were everyone's cars. But better public transportation is still a better idea even than shared cars. Better public transit, better bike lanes. I've got a cat meowing on my lap, I think she wants me to pet her but my hands are busy. It's hot today. This computer I'm typing at is not so mini, but it is a laptop. I have or had a purple little mini laptop and I really liked it but it didn't last long. I don't remember what was wrong with it. Or even if we still have it somewhere. We usually keep all our dead electronics because we don't really know what to do with them, or we think that maybe they still have some info on them, or that maybe they could be salvaged. It is hard to get rid of stuff. Not just for sentimental reasons, but hard to know how to properly waste many items.

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