Grey Morning

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My favorite kind of morning. That probably wasn't always the case, but we've been living in southern California for 12 years, nearly, and sun is the primary thing here. So a grey morning is always nice to me now, because soon enough the sun will make its way through and there will be too few clouds. I don't remember ever being bothered by the grey and the rain when I lived in the Pacific Northwest, but when we visited last October, it rained nearly every day we were there, and it got to be so unpleasant. It was rainy and cold, and hard to do outdoor things, and I didn't feel as if I had the proper weather gear. Lots of things are different about our lives now versus when we lived in Seattle. We didn't have little dogs then, that require multiple walks a day. We didn't have a young child then, who likes to go out and do things. And maybe it's just all different when you live in a place versus just visiting. But in any case, I love the here of here. I don't love everything about the weather in LA, but mostly I love (now) not having to wear so many keep warm clothes, being able to go out for a walk at 9pm in just a hoodie, and so much more. I love southern California. I'm excited for my mom to move here with us.

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