freedom fighter

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I see those words, "freedom fighter," and I instantly feel negatively towards them. Those words get used as a way of rebranding imperialism and I do not like it. There is so much propaganda in the US to try and make us feel positively towards the military and the police and it's a constant...battle, I was about to say, to push back against it. But really it's more like a constant force being pushed at us, and it takes strength and willpower to keep up a kind of shield to avoid caving in and basically just giving up that the world can be different and better than it is now. I wrote in an old blog post about how I stopped shaving and wearing makeup some years ago and that it was because I wanted to live as much as possible as if the world were the way I want it to be, not the way it is. And I think that applies, too, to how we are trying to keep police propaganda, aka copaganda, out of our household as much as possible now that we have a child. I want him to know that the world can be different and for him to fight to make it different rather than just accepting the status quo. So in our household, police and punishment have no place. We don't have police toys or military toys and we try to avoid/block any children's programming that features police.

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