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Fossils. Automatically my brain goes to dinosaurs. There were a lot of t-rexes in my day today. Lochlan wore a t-shirt with an image of a t-rex wearing bunny ears and holding an Easter basket. A rubbery t-rex that came from a card we got from a friend some years ago was floating around Lochlan's room today. And then I spent some time sitting at the desk in the middle room writing to a friend, and noticing the pencil holder with the image of a roaring t-rex on it.

Dinosaurs. Long dead. People. Still alive. For now. The cat is laying on the table between my arms, resting her head on my right arm, purring her fast, soft purr. She's great. This is Kirby. Garfield is great too, but he doesn't always settle as nicely as Kirby sometimes does. And she's just so soft. And kissable. And sweet. I love these cats. Garfield made his way to the top of the pile of laundry sitting in a laundry basket on top of the record player. No small feat. He looks like a king. Very content with himself.

We had a good day, we were just all a bit overtired. @improv and I thought it would be fun to hide eggs in @loch's room after he went to sleep (plastic eggs), but when he woke up at 4am and got up to turn on his light (which is probably something that happens daily but usually I think he goes right back to sleep), he found the eggs and needed to tell us about it. He did eventually get back to sleep, and so did we, but it definitely impacted the restfulness of our night.

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