Small Talk Big Effect

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Small talk.

Good Morning
How are you
Fine (okay, well), thank you

Mantras of the day

Good is another way of saying "God"

Goodbye was originally "God be wi' ye" (God bw'ye - now generally shortened to "Bye")

Fine originates from the word: final

O.K. seems to come from a president from the 1800's. (The O.K. Club the Democratic party's political club of 1840: apparently for Old Kinderhook, the nickname of Martin van Buren (president of the U.S.A. in 1837-41).

Well means according to one's wish.

When we describe "how we are" we're repeating directives to our cells: we're fine, good, okay, well, could be better, don't ask...

Everyday small talk - with a large effect.


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Now I know. I am fine, thank you :)

Hereby, I am delivering the next prompt to you, here it is, check it out! It is 'I know.'

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Thank you Jadeline! Thanks for the delivery!! :)

Nice! Words are vibrations... and everything is, in fact, vibrations too. Words tap into That, but it's easy to forget as we go along.

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Thanks Goastrighter! This topic will encompass more than one chapter of the book I'm working on entitled Heart of the Matter. My first freewrite post, I.Dot., specifically speaks on this subject in more detail. Yes, it's easy to forget as we go along due to being bombarded with the external presentation of how language is supposedly "commonly" used via the media. A good etymological book helps in discovering the original meaning of words.

Cool, when I was going through your blog earlier I noticed and remembered that I did actually read and enjoy your 'I Dot' weeks back... Etymology is one of the most interesting subjects to me, and linguistics in general (I studied it for a short time..), especially the 'anthropological' aspect. Glad I found your writing again and I look forward to more... :)

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A real pleasure to have you in my tribe Sima <3

Wow, thanks and lifewise!