Scotch - Chapter 4 -A continuation of The Green Door Prompt (Day 15 of the Freewrite Challenge - Sequence)

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Original Picture I used for the 1st prompt

Last 3 paragraphs from part 14

     Doyle nudge my shoulder and I followed into the office. To my surprise Mr. Turner was nothing like I had expected. I was expecting a computer geek or nerd or something. Mr. Turner was anything but. He was a hefty man who wore a black Stetson hat, dressed in a black suit with matching leather cowboy boots, smoking a large cigar, columns of grey smoke rose and blanketed the ceiling. Texas oil tycoon, I thought.
     "Mat Turner is the name," he said, extending a large hand. Surprised by deep voice I almost took a step back. "Most people call me Turner."
     Doyle took his hand... 5 Minute Timer

Day 15 - Prompt - Sequence

     Doyle took his hand and gave him one of her innocent smiles. "Jocelyn Daniels." and turned toward me. "And this is Ted Rogers. Thank you giving us the time out of your day."
     "Ah lass the pleasure is all mine," he said, planting a gentle kiss on top of her hand. I felt a little ping in my gut as Doyle blushed. "It's not everyday a pretty lady walks in my office. What can I help you with."
     I hate him, I thought, and noticed a small glass paper weight in the shape of a pyramid, just like the one Maria Lakes had on her desk and the killer used to murder her. The dream of me sliding the tip of the pyramid in and out of Maria's head surfaced in my thoughts. Stop it, Jonathan.
     "We are freelance journalist," Doyle said, gaining control of her cheeks again and jumping back into character. "And we're doing research on the private space industry and it future impact on space travel."
     "Ah lass you came to the right man." and wave his arm toward the chairs in front of his desk. "Come and take a seat." he stopped and focused his attention on me. "Forgive my manners Mr.?"
     "Ted Rogers." and extended my hand, forcing my lips to spread in a smile. It was then I realized he was a highlander. "Scottish decent?" I asked.
     He chuckled gave my hand a hefty shake. "Ah I moved to the states when I was just a little bairn."
     I crinkled my eyebrow. "Bairn?"
     "Child," he answered. "I moved with my ma and da to Texas." He slapped me on the back. "Come now, and rest your feet." and guided me to the chair beside of Doyle. He walked around his desk and plopped into his chair, and the chair groaned from the weight, and then jumped to his feet and walked over to a Dutch style cabinets made from black and gold colored wood and slung open the doors. "Ah I got the finest Scotch you ever set you lips upon." He looked over his shoulder, his face serious. "Scotch?"
Doyle smiled. "Yes. Thank You."
     He slid out a silver tray and placed three glasses and filled each glass half full and shoveled ice in from the ice bucket, and carried the tray to his desk. "Nothing like a good Scotch to sooth ye ails." and held up his glass and sipped.
     I tipped the glass and almost choked. "That's strong."
     He chuckled. "Fine Scotch is meant to sip lad."
     I watched as Doyle took a sip and it didn't even affect her. "Yes. Very nice."
     "The lass knows a good Scotch," he said. "Now tell me what do you wish to learn from me."
     Doyle took another sip and laid her glass on coaster, and batted her eyebrows. I almost fail out of seat. She was flirting. I hated him and his stupid Scotch.
     "First would you permit us take pictures?" Doyle asked.
     He grew serious and leaned back in his chair. "Kinda of strange request."
     "I assure you, your business will not be banished in anyway. Pictures is to show the inner working of Spacecore. In fact you are one of many companies I plan to interview." Doyle said, spreading her lips into a smile. "In fact we are planning a sequence of articles, and you can read over the articles yourself before sending off to print."
     He studied us. His large green eyes flicking back and forth from me to Doyle, accessing if we could be trusted. After a few seconds he nodded and looked at me. "I assume... 5 Minute Timer


     The words came easier today, than yesterday. Yesterday I struggled, but today everything went smoother. I was able to work the prompt into the story, I hope it is believable.

     If you read it, wow! Thank You.

      I made no corrections to errors. Only corrected misspelled words, and inserted markdown tags. I also marked the word when I first used today's prompt.

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The Story Prompts - The Green Door

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2. History8. Hazardous14. Stetson
3. Sleeve9. Plan15. Sequence
4. After Midnight10. Lucky
5. Not Yet11. Cyberspace
6. Camel12. Habitat

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wow, an interesting story it sure is.

hi @shandustin, the way you slowly remove the dust out of this "sensational" Maria Lakes murder case is breathtaking!

i've been following your past four freewrites and ENSORCELLED to the core and i would like to ask you, how you've been able to write freely, build this plot slowly and steadily with the given PROMPTS (i expect it to be more of a racy thriller in the ensuing days)......

it's really a great job @shanedustin! Hats off!


Thanks for the comment. Makes me happy. I am able to write freely... well... I really don't know. I just set the timer and I just type and until timer stops, I don't give myself time to second guess. I don't know where the story is going, but if I follow the structure correctly the story should speed up until everything is moving fast. That's the goal anyway.

Thanks for the comment!

Happy New Year @shanedustin
Here's another prompt to take your story further :)


Click On Me For Prompt👇🏿


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Its understandable that in a 5 min free write you can add only so much as to keep the story flowing. But I have to admit in comparison to the early posts the action has fallen a little bit in the recent ones. Hope this blend of murder mystery, space science fiction and detective story is reaching its climax.

This was suppose to be a short story when I first began and it spun into something else. I had to step away for a day or two and let it settle and me think about it. The action is slowing, and I've introduced everybody in the story. Now I just need a change in direction and speed it up again. And I don't want to quit, because if I do, I'd be cheating myself. Thanks for reading.