Chapter 7 -A continuation of The Green Door Prompt (Day 22 of the Freewrite Challenge - A Red Scarf)

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Original Picture I used for the 1st prompt

Chapter 7

Day 22 - Prompt - A Red Scarf

     Mat Stone sniffed a red scarf. The pleasure of the scent quivered his lip as a deep guttural moaned roared up his throat, and vibrated from between his lips. The brunet looked over her shoulder, and winked as she walked out the front of door of his private apartment. He loved women with dark brown hair. And all the women were the same in his life, easy, and fools. He was proud of his fake heritage. He was no more Scottish than his African American neighbor. But women were eager to play into his lies. He had money, and a lot of it. He understand money gave you power, and a sex appeal, and people were eager to believe anything he told them. He realized from an early age that everybody had their own agenda. Over the years he spent countless hours teaching himself to be observant, to pay attention to the subtle body actions and eye movements. These movements of the body were near invisible, but with a trained eye he learned to see those movements, and it had made him hundreds of millions of dollars. He had everything life had to offer. Girls, money, cars, a loving wife and kids, and yet there was a hunger in him to consume women. He would find a mistress, and shower her with money for a couple of weeks, and then dump her to move on to something new. Then there was the darker side. The fetish side. It was wicked, and cruel. And he had to feed the the dark side. It urged him to destroy brunets, to rape their lives, to burn their souls, and kill.
     "Brunets," he mumbled, licking his lips, and pressed the red scarf to his nose and sniffed. Pleasure washed over him. The urge to destroy was ascending into the bowls of his being, but he had to be careful. Two strange people had walked into his office earlier that day, pretending to be freelance journalist. He couldn't remember their names. They were fake names if he ever heard a fake name. But why had they come to him? Had the police found the bodies? Had he left some kind of evidence behind, linking to him to the murders? He gulped as something cold ran up his spine, tingling the nerve endings on the tips of his fingers. He hadn't saw or heard any gossip about the bodies being found, but the police could be tricky. He knew better than to underestimate the police. He hadn't built an empire by underestimating people. Oh, no. Mat Stone never underestimated anyone. Humans are the dominate species on the planet for a reason, brain power. Humans had a remarkable ability to solve puzzles. Its human nature to seek answers to unanswered questions.
     Mat Stone clutched the scarf, pressing it to his chest. He was scared. He knew he should stop, and walk away while he could, but the urges were deep. The urges tugged and pulled, twisted and badgered him to do things. Bad things.
     "No more," he said, and throw the scarf to the floor. Jumped to his feet, and stomped the scarf, twisting his foot, trying to destroy the scent. He had to stop. If his wife ever found out, it would destroy her, and bring shame to his family. He loved his wife. She was a sweet blond who deserved the best that life had to offer. He hated the fact he cheated on her on a regular basis, but he had needs she couldn't fill.
     "Control yourself." He clenched his fist, and gritted his teeth. Spit flung from the corners of his mouth as he inhaled and exhaled. His fingernails dug into the palms of his hands as he prepared to strike his face, and then the doorbell to his apartment rung.
     The sound startled him, causing him to take a couple steps backwards. His first thought, police. He gulped as a lump lodged in his throat. Waves of tingles spread over chest. (5 Minute Bell) The doorbell rung again. He bit his bottom lip as he walked to the door, and moved his eye to the peep whole. A swarm of small pin pricks stung the flesh on his forearms as the hair on the back of his neck stood. He looked out the peep whole a second time, to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks. He swallowed. It was her.


     I been away for a couple of days, but I haven't quite. The five minute bell rung a couple sentence back, but I knew this was going to be a short chapter, and was almost done, so I just took another two minutes and finished.

     I just choose the first prompt that caught my eye for single prompt option for weekend freewrite. I hope it is believable. I realize this is not short story, which I originally intended it to be. Instead it has morphed into something bigger. So, I employing a structure that a lot of mystery thrillers use. This is like my third attempt at a mystery thriller. Most of the time I write fantasy, horror, or science fiction. But this is a good learning tool. It was the reason I joined Steemit in the first place. To learn.

     If you read it, wow! Thank You.

      I made no corrections to errors. Only corrected misspelled words, and inserted markdown tags. I also marked the word when I first used today's prompt.

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I want to give Thanks to the @freewritehouse

I want to give Thanks to @mariannewest for the freewrite challenge.

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A disturbing peek at the killer

I am a bit lost... 😅 Will go back and read again your story... 💪 Keep freewriting!

Thank you for freewriting with us! Here's the prompt:- Day 457: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: puppy love.

Thanks again! With love and hugs.


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I wanted to ask if his wife is a brunette too, but you already answered the question ... so next question... why the brunettes and not blond...

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I don't know. First thing popped in my head. I think, because the killer is crazy, and an ex- from way back, broke his or her heart and was brunette, I think anyways. I may be wrong.


Or the classic one... his mom was a brunette or his sister and she died because he was peeping at her...

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Wow! Awesome.

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The emotions are very good this chapter. I just read and watched part of the trailer for the new movie regarding Ted Bundy. I remember reading about him many years ago there and there are some similarities in the story just teensy ones.. it is always fascinated me how they maintain a normal marriage and are killers behind their women's backs. Good job!


Thanks for the comment!