5-minute freewrite Day 655 prompt: ideas worth spreading

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Recently I've been asking myself, "Whatever became of common courtesy and personal integrity?" These character traits are definitely ideas worth spreading. I see so many people doing things and saying things that are disruptive to those around them, for example within a neighborhood, and I wonder why they don't stop to think about how their actions are affecting others. I was raised to be thoughtful of others, and to be courteous as much as possible. As a child, I wasn't allowed to say anything that could be considered vulgar or swearing. I was expected to think of others and not just of myself. I was also taught that my word was supposed to be trustworthy. If I said I was going to do something, I was expected to do it. Now I see many people making agreements and signing contracts and then just acting as if it never happened. Where is their integrity? Doesn't it bother them to know their word is no good? Are they comfortable with being untrustworthy? These things truly puzzle me. I suppose it depends a great deal on how one was raised, and what one's values are.

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@scribblingramma I totally agree. I think of these same things and wonder what happened, did we fail as parents or did our children fail? Something went haywire. Even on the river, things have changed people have no respect for someone fishing if you are sitting in their way of going somewhere they go as close as they can to you. And no one waves, it used to be every boat you passed you waved at each other, not anymore, they are looking straight ahead as you are not there. sorry for the little rant.

It was a good rant!

@scribblingramma thank you, sometimes you just got to let it out. lol

So true and so sad
I see this all around
And I am sure some of these were like in built during our time hahahaha
Like you didn't need a lesson on kindness... like it was common sense what it meant
These days I feel it needs to be spelt out, step by step....

Yes! Since when did all of this have to be explained?

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I’ve often wondered the same thing. We seem to have degenerated into a world in which it’s every man for himself.
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Something went wrong. Many of us been raised that way and our children?
I also learned no shouting outside, play hard music, being noisy/parties after 10 pm, you do not call people after 8 pm or during dinner time... You do not eat outside on the street unless you sit, you do not speak with your mouth full, sneez, cough into someone's face...


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Maybe we should all get together with our ideas and write a book: "How to be Civilized in the 21st Century."

Great idea!

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