Day 604: 5 Minute Freewrite: Cause of Caducity

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Day 604: 5 Minute Freewrite: Cause of Caducity

After finishing eating Hardi came out to the terrace. There are still grains of rice left in his chin. he didn't realize it. what he feels is a feeling of fullness and hot weather. He wants to enjoy the fresh air outside the house. His age of 78 years made him like to move from one house to another child. Hardi has 3 children who are all married. fortunately, they live in the same city so they can look after each other.
Unfortunately, enter his oldness, Hardi began senile. Cause of his caducity, often causes resentment.
However, his children realized that it was something normal.They care him well. Like today he sat on the terrace while fan-fan to get rid of the heat.
Suddenly a neighbor came to greet him.
"Hi, sir. How are you doing?"
"Well, dear darling, I live here and have not been fed by my child."
Almost the neighbors asked further.
That's when the child comes out.
"Sorry, my father is senile. He forgot he just ate. Just look at the rice in his chin."
His neighbor glanced at his chin then nodded
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A truly moving story about the reality of old age. Thank you for sharing!