Filthy Rich: Freewrite

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Prompt is Filthy Rich.


Five Minute FreeWrite...

Why is being rich considered filthy? Is money dirty or covered in poop? Some of it may be but not usually as we keep it close by in our wallets or purses. We don’t evacuate money or gold from our bowels although it would be a good way to get some moolah.

Onassis was concerned filthy rich and the Queen of England must be with all her jewels and castles.

Will we get filthy rich at Steemit? Some smart cookies may get rich but not filthy. Filthy takes it to much higher level. There are always ways to get more steem but steem isn’t filthy. In fact, it would be squeaky clean as it is invisible like passing gas.

Where did filthy rich come from? I think it is because many rich people got their wealth by underhanded methods and used dirty tactics. Money from a bank holdup would be filthy money.

Filthy rich does imply the money was gotten in dishonest or dishonourable ways but nowadays I find it simply means you have a great amount of money..more than the average joe.

...End of #freewrite

Check out @mariannewest’s post at Here.





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I do not think that Steemit can help get rich :)


What! I thought we were just waiting for steem to lay a golden egg. 😂


Yeah, that's about right. :))

HaHa! I love this part!

In fact, it would be squeaky clean as it is invisible like passing gas.


Thanks @whatisnew. Happy to make you laugh. 💨 😊

Filthy in this sense means extreme rich. And yes, Steem can make you filthy rich.

Am here with the Weekend freewrite prompt.

Take just one, go solo
This prompt is in mono
Stir up in you the pro
Write the 3-in1 prompt.
Have a nice weekend..


Thanks @botefarm for the reminder. I will do a 5 min. Freewrite.
Hope you are having a great weekend. 😊

Howdy there redheadpei! What a fun and fine freewrite! I agree about the meaning of filthy rich. Right now I'd settle for just regular old rich!


I’m with you Cowboy! Just a tad rich would really be sweet. 😂
I’m happy you found the freewrite fun. 💕


Howdy again redheadpei! It was very fun indeed. Do you invest in any other cryptos?
Just curious, I want to invest in some others while they're cheap and to not have all
my eggs in one basket.


Hi Cowboy! No I haven’t but would like to be more knowledgeable about them.