5 Minute Freewrite Thursday Picture Prompt (The Unseen)

in freewrite •  11 months ago

Photo credit goes to. https://steemit.com/@the.artist-98

"Henry, help me. Help"

You jump from your chair, running around the house
looking for your girlfriend.

"Henry, please. Where are you?"

You run out the door with the flashlight in hand. You try to
listen which direction the screams are coming from.

To your right, you hear her voice fainting in the distance.
Running as fast as you can, you see what you thought
was her shadow. As you get closer, she runs smack in to you.
Her eyes wide with terror, she points behind you.

You both start running back to the house. You trip on something
and started falling into a hole. All of a sudden you hit the bottom.

You wake and find yourself on your floor, from falling out of bed.
Your girlfriend wakes and looks at you wide eyed.

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ha ha. That was a good freewrite. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you very much. :-)

HA! :D

I'm hopping from Freewriter to Freewriter dropping the prompt for the day!

Day 113: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: ski


Lol, bet you are pooped after all that hopping. :-) Will be working on mine soon. Should be interesting to see what I come up with for that prompt, lol.

hahaha - a shared dream :)


:-) yup lol

very nice ☺