5 Minute Freewrite Friday-Ski (Chozzy)

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pexels-photo-145947 and yosemite.jpg
First photo is a pexel. Second one is from my Yosemite collection. That is El Capitan in the fog.

The zoo employees were going on a day trip for the company party.
They all wanted to go to Yosemite, but not everyone was able to go.
A few offered to just work at the zoo, including Kelly.
He figured it would be the perfect time to catch Chozzy doing
whatever it is he does. Kelly still cannot believe nobody sees what
Chozzy does.

The day everyone left, Kelly made his rounds. As he walked by Chozzy,
that monkey flipped him off and grinned. Kelly stood there wide eyed.

"Oh Chozzy, what I wouldn't do to take you to the mountains and teach
you how to Ski. It would be my pleasure to teach you THAT trick."

Chozzy grinned and shook his finger at Kelly.

Kelly threw a ball at him and walked away. He headed home to grab his
camera he just bought.

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Now, to figure out which employee taught Chozzy that trick! 😁

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Now that is the question. :-) Most pleased with multi pass, but will be later tonight when I put my writers cap on. I've a invite to go to. :-) Catch ya'll on the flip side. Choo choo..

Uh that monkey have wasted the opportunity. Hmm...bad cheetah!

A trick missed there, maybe? :-)


Lol, I should have said skill not trick. No changing it in a freewrite. :-)

Choozy's a naughty one, isn't he? I'm always amazed as to how amazing these 5 minute freewrites turn out. Fantastic work!


Yes he is, lol. Thank you :-)

Oh, the camera is going to catch whatever he does!!!


I hope Kelly is up for it. He may be shocked beyond belief. :-)