Day 739: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: represent

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This is my post for #freewrite Tuesday prompt represent hosted by @mariannewest

It is my opinion that my husband and I represent what it is to live the American Dream. We are self-employed, raised 5 kids, paid our home off and have absolutely no debt. We drive old trucks and have no desire to go in debt to buy new ones, as long as they get us where we are going and home we could not ask for anything more out of them. In the 37 years that we have been together, we have bought some pricey things that we had to have for our business like new outboard motors we would save the money up and pay cash for them.

Back before the river crashed, we grew clams here at home and we had a clam lease in north Florida. We needed a reliable truck to haul the clam seed up there and haul grown clams back. We saved up 12 thousand dollars and bought my truck, it is a 97 diesel and it had 93 thousand miles on it. We made a lot of money growing clams but when the river crashed we lost 50 thousand dollars worth of clams and had to go back to fishing for a living.

This morning my husband went north and I put in up the creek. I texted him and told him I caught one and lost one, he texts me back and said he had 9. I was so jealous but happy for him. He ended up catching 15 head that weighed 30 pounds. As for me, I caught 5 head that weighed 11 pounds.

This is proof that I have a black cloud over my head.


I am going to go off on a rant so if you want, go ahead and stop reading.
What kind of low-life, SOB, Mother F-er is it that would run over a gopher turtle on a bumpy dirt road that you can not go more than 15 miles an hour on without shaking your vehicle apart. How in the hell can you not see it? What is wrong with someone like this. Do they get some sort of sick fucking kick out of running over it? It literally makes me sick. I would like to lay the sorry excuse for a human in the road and slowly run over his/her legs over and over. I just do not get it!!!!!! Poor turtle, RIP


On a good note, the only thing I broke today was my glasses. My husband sent me a text and I could not read it. I was worried that something happened to my only good eye until I saw the lens fell out and of course it had to be the good eyes lens.


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I have an eye doctor appointment next week; I don't see clearly out of my glasses these days. I'm grateful somebody invented glasses, but I wish they weren't so expensive. Especially because I need bifocals.

@scribblingramma I no longer have to wear glasses since my cataract surgery, I just need them for reading up close, for an extra 500 I would not need reading glasses, I told the doctor for 500 dollars I will wear a pair of 2 dollars glasses

Yes, I think I would have told him the same!

Like yourself I’ve always saved up for anything I wanted instead of going into debt. These days it’s all instant gratification and credit card debt.
As to the turtle killers, I’d definitely run over their legs!

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@deirdyweirdy thank you for the prompt. I should have saved my rant from the turtle post for this prompt, cold person.

I don't get why people aren't more careful either.

And I love that you have such a positive attitude when so many setbacks have happened for you. The mold, the house being taken for the road, the river crashing...

Btw. Have you checked out the powerhousecreatives? I think you would be a great person to be in that group.

@mariannewest no I have not, this is the first time I heard of them, my plate stays full with all that I am doing, I fished late today and it is 11 pm right now and I have not done my freewrite. We might not be able to fish tomorrow, if the weather is bad like they are calling for I will write it then but right now I am very tired