Winter is coming!

in #freewritelast month


Today, the rain has dropped, the temperature also decreased a lot.

It is only necessary to wear a sweater, and now you may be very suitable for the down jacket.

In this cold weather, the wild flowers in the wild don't know how to persist.


In the evening, the suburbs are exceptionally beautiful.

If you can make your home here, it would be a wonderful thing.

In fact, it is not far from the city, it is only a 20-minute drive away.


I have arrived at the original position to a new position. Today is my first day in the new place.

What makes me accidentally and surprises is that I received a flower basket soon.

Thank you very much for my original colleagues, you are too cute! ! !



My friend posted her pet dog in a friend space and I feel it was nice to have a pet at home.



I love being quiet, especially when I am reading.

It is very important to have a quiet reading environment.

I don't know why, many parents like to take their children to the library, but don't not teach their children to stay quiet.

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