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Today prompt is "let's eat". This is the story of my family, it happened when I was not born and my mother told me about what happened when my older sister told her when she went back home.

Mother left home long ago to return in her parents home. She was tired living in a hard life. She decided to go to her parents home and brought one of my brother, the youngest. Father cried when he got home that mother was already left. He knew it when all of his children told him. According to my mother the 2nd to the youngest run after her even she was riding on a bus. Mother pitty my sister but she was so determined to leave home that time.

My father hide his sadness and continue on working, by going to the sea and mountain. One day when father looking firewoods to sell on a store, he accidentally hit his feet by the axe. He couldn't walk and couldn't work to find food to eat. Father was in dilemma, he couldn't do anything. My brothers and sisters that time was still young. But my older sister Marivic was just 14 years old. My sister was a strong woman until now. She is hard worker and aggressive. She went on a house of her teacher. She asked her teacher if she could be her helper. Her teacher agreed, maybe because of pitty. When she started to work she told my other sister to be in the house at 6 pm. My other sister arrived at the back of the house and my sister Marivic gave them 1 kg of rice. My other sister smiling as she went home bringing that rice. She cooked it immediately when she arrived in our home. When the rice was cooked, all of my brothers and sisters are excited because they're so hungry. My father couldn't help himself to cry while smiling. He saw the faces of my brothers and sisters that were eager to eat, then he said "okay, let's eat."

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This story gives me mixed emotions my friend. It makes me sad that your mom left and also that your dad hurt himself. But it makes me very happy that everyone in your family was okay and got to eat. Did your mom and dad get back together? And who is in the picture?


yes my friend, they've been separated for just months. Actually I was not born at that time that's why mother told me about what happened. About the picture it's not us my friend, I put the source of the image. My father already passed when I was just 17 years old and I'm already 30 now. By the way thanks for dropping by mu friend.

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Excellent #freewrite, keep on writing with us. Here's today's challenge.

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