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Whenever I hear the word “Swing” it quickly reminds me of the cricket matches I used to play in my childhood. Let me tell you that in Cricket, the swing is the movement of the ball in the air or on the patch. In Pakistan, every person can relate to cricket as a beautiful childhood memory. Kids and Youngsters play cricket in streets and organize tournaments among different villages which serve as a festivity.

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One time we took part in a cricket tournament organized by our competitors in another village. They charged us a small fee. We fought hard to make our way through to the final but with a tragic end. As soon as we started batting in the final match, we lost four of our main players on just 4 runs. The remaining two also did not perform well due to the high amount of swing available for the fast bowlers. The total score made by our team was 20. The strength of the opposing team was the availability of fast bowlers. We had less number of bowlers and had much slower pace. Our bowlers could not restrict them and they won the match in the very first over of the match. The organizing committee actually had made the pitch in their favor keeping in view their strength.

The agony of that match always carried through whenever we wanted to play another tournament and now it is a beautiful part of my sweet childhood memories.

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The ball swings around the field.
Loosing is actually a great tool if we take a good thinking into the topic of LOSSES.
it helps us to reflect on our strngth and weaknesses and ultimately, makes us stronger.


Thank you so much for commenting. Definitely loss and win are part of life and we need to learn from them.


Sure we do.
Lessons of life.