Farewell Craigslist dating

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Me being single (first time in a long time) and it being summer, there's one thing on my mind. Lust. And if not that, dating. This one is about the latter.


And I'm trying my first steem #freewrite simultaneously. Today's prompt word is "epilogue".

Some non-relationships deserve an epilogue. I met a guy through Craigslist in the M4W section before Craigslist took that entire section down immediately after some law about sex trafficking went into effect.

I was sad to see Craigslist (choose to) close down their personals section because you could have written the story of my first decades of adulthood as a series of Craigslist chapters... from apartments all over the US to jobs to furniture to roommates to help installing shelves and sometimes but rarely, guys. BTW there was no sex trafficking in my usage of Craigslist or in my life at all.

Anyway I had responded to this nicely-written charming ad by a guy, no pics - - there were no pics at the time unless you knew HTML - - and in my opinion it's better without pics because then you get to know the person for who bro is, not what bro looks like. Ad was somewhat self-deprecating and he seemed so honest and down to earth. 100 in my book. Confident but not cocky. Another 100 in my book! Smart but not a boring, arrogant, pretentious cerebral stooge (like this so-called "genius" I went out with, once). Level 300! Ad title said something about "dividends" but not sugar daddy nor sugar baby. (We were the same-ish age.) If I Iike a guy's writing style, I'm hooked. No flowery language and cliches, or die.

Oh shit, one minute left in this #freewrite. Time to hurry up and wrap up. Key points: so I decided to meet up with him at a restaurant. He was blonde blue and tall. Taken aback by how attractive he was. Charming without the try. Polite too. Solid analyst job. I was like Huh? Why is someone like you on Craigslist?

Epilogue: Hey I know it's been like 10+ years... I looked you up on the internet, briefly. Stopped short of paying for a background check though. What are you up to? I assume you're married these days?

This is for today's #freewrite for "epilogue" from https://busy.org/@mariannewest/day-258-5-minute-freewrite-wednesday-prompt-epilogue

📸 Pic of my thighs taken at a pool deserted due to drizzle.


Well done. And here is a hint. Many just keep writing when the timer is going off if the story is asking for it :)
and others stop in mid-word if the timer goes off. You figure out what works for you - and every day might be different.
And I want to know if you ended up in a relationship with the dude...

Well, when I looked at the rules for the freewrite, it said something like, "whatever you feel like doing" :-)
My difficulty isn't starting; it's finishing. So, for my own personal craft discipline, it is beneficial for me to exercise wrapping things up for delivery. If my unfinished thoughts are worthy of sharing with my real followers, I might post that too :-)
As for the question of what happened with the dude ... that will have to wait for the right freewrite prompt ;-) Thank you for reading @mariannewest! And for running the freewrite.

In that case - the timer is strictly enforced around here LOL

And I hope I come up with the right prompt for the guy story 😄

Nice first #freewrite. I took the day off to BBQ, blow things up, and eat. Anyway, I'm one of the helpers who gives out prompts. Here is Thursday's: Day 259: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: sell-out.

@meditateonthat amazing written article. Your thighs are really shining and amazing.. hehehe...

You know what works for you. good job

Let’s see the package

waoo :) whats your life story :) :) :)

i am here just for the thighs .

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