Forests are fast disappearing and so are their HABITATS!

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It came as a natural habit for human beings to disturb the nature and the natural habitat of the wild animals.
But unfortunately none was there to support this bloody act of these human ANIMALS!

Take for instance in which a herd of five elephants entered into a village in Krishnagiri, a place in Tamil Nadu, India. We are actually disturbing their habitats and as a result of it, they are forced to disturb us having no other go.

These irresponsible idiots still find fault with these innocent animals, which are being driven hither and thither.
These fellows won’t agree that it is their mistake and even go to the extent of putting the blame on these animals. Sometimes they injure them in the process and sometimes do kill them.
Very unfortunate!

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Oh yes. Sometimes I pity those animals. They have no other choice because their habitat is gone. Haha. Enjoyed reading your freewrite :)

Thank you very much @iamjadeline.

This is so grievous! I love elephants.

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Yes. I felt very bad when i read that news.

That sucks, we need to save their homes.

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Hi @wonderwop, how do you do?

Nice to read your comment. Yes, obviously we need to save their homes or else we must get ourselves ready to lose ours!

That is so sad!!

Respectable Steemians,


"..............and sometimes do kill them." This is NOT AT ALL TRUE. Given in to emotions, i wrote that wrong statement. For you people to get a clear picture, please do read the link given below:

ONCE AGAIN, please pardon me for this huge blunder.

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