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"Get Out!!" she shouted. She was shocked at the gall of these imbeciles who dare. Unbelievable!! Like she did not have enough to do already. This was the anti-climax to the strange feeling she had through her walk to the office.

At first it was like any other morning. Nothing out of the ordinary. While she waited for the water to boil, she sat at the dining table, talked to Ms Ayoola. A name that meant wealth and prosperity which she craved for and had rightfully earned. She wondered if Ms Ayoola, the money plant had brought her the luck.

The more she talked to the plant, the more the plant grew, overflowing on her table and she pictured the leaves to be money. Think positive. Believe. She worked hard at Believing, the Law of Attraction, the Feeling, the Now.... But she knew it also required action and there was no lack of action on her part.

Every morning without fail, same as this morning. the kettle whistled on cue. Something about the routine prepared for the day. She didn't care for the electric kettle she got from Secret Santa last year. She loved the sound of the water reaching a boil before the whistle. It was like On Your Marks, Get Set.... prrrrrrrrrrtttttt for the day.

Walking into the office, something was amiss. Her staff, who knew she expected a greeting, never failed to wish her. Today they were avoiding making eye contact. She knew they didn't really like her but they liked the bonuses and the pay rise. So they never failed to greet her. The strange feeling got stronger.

She wasn't here to be liked. She wasn't here to make friends. She was here to win. A magazine didn't write itself. Dead lines didn't disappear because you had a migraine. Readers didn't wait in empathy while you got your shit together. No!!! They buy another magazine and move on.

It's a dog eat dog world. Nobody cared for your sob stories except maybe to use it as an opportunity to present themselves as better, while using your faults and limitations as stepping stones.

She walked straight into her office. The office that she had earned through sheer blood, sweat and tears. Sleepless nights, cut throat deals, manipulation, negotiations, anything to get the story and sell the magazine.

She stopped short two steps into her room. Her fury took over the strange feeling. These twats were unbelievable!!! How dare they?!!

"Get Out!!" she shouted. But her PA Karen ignored her as if she wasn't there. She was in a serious discussion with Shah, the Content Manager for the other magazine at the Publishing house.

She was ready to blow. They had no right to be in her room, not without her. She strutted in to literally push them out when she heard bits and pieces of the conversation, her fury subsided to realization.

".... can't believe..... never know...... fatality.....who best....the police....the sad.... "


This is my Free Write for the prompt Fatality. If you don't know what a Free Write is, then in a nutshell, you are given a daily prompt by @mariannewest, set the timer for 5 minutes and just write whatever comes to mind. No right or wrong :)


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Sounds like a good story is on the horizon for the magazine. I love the "money plant." : )

Resident cat here, wishing you a happy new year as I deliver today's new prompt:

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Hello @whatisnew
Thank you for the prompt and a fabulous 2019 to you too :D

That money plant is very popular here...we keep it everywhere in the hopes that it will bring us money haha
According to Wikipedia

The plant has a multitude of common names including golden pothos, Ceylon creeper, hunter's robe, ivy arum, money plant, silver vine, Solomon Islands ivy and taro vine. It is also called devil's vine or devil's ivy because it is almost impossible to kill and it stays green even when kept in the dark.

Just wanted to share that :)


Thanks for sharing this interesting information @kaerpediem. They say that money is the root of all evils so that could be another reason why it is also called devils vine. LOL!

So sorry for this late reply. It is my first day back on Steemit.


Trust you enjoyed your break ;D


HaHa! I wish!!! I have been sick with thyroid problems and migraines and fibromyalgia. Winter and my body don't get along at all. So I will just hibernate until spring. LOL!


Ohhh so sorry
Big hugs
Spring come quick

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Thank you so much for being a freewrite house encourager!!


The pleasure is all mine! : )

Hmmm.... I was thinking...

Is she dead already?

Still thinking... The challenge of reading story at odd hour when I suppose to sleep. Just finished tube-feeding and want to read first...

So is she dead, and it was her spirit at her office?


I am so glad it got you thinking
It was intentional for how I want to work with my Znaps...
Was thinking of question being, "What do you think happened?" or something along those lines or anything to do with the story....
Tease the imagination a little... no right or wrong...
Maybe use my favourite to continue the story with rewards....
I was going to call it Znap Story, just to give the Znaps some variety...
I was supposed to record it today but a little under the weather, so either I will do this or the next one hopefully tomorrow...

What do you think?
Would you appreciate a Znap story? ... with visuals and all :D

Great set up. I wonder what happens.


It was meant to tease :D

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Thank you @esteemapp for all the support
I do really like using the esteem-surfer to post :D

Great story my friend..

Thank you so much for being a freewrite supporter!!