FreeWriteHouse Party Day 45: Players On Fire!!

in freewrite •  5 months ago



Can't believe we are so close to the finish line. Kinda bittersweet...

Well, here's a little ditty about the Free Writers Party
Write every day for 50 days and include a selfie
The players' head count? Remaining is 20
Errr, there's a squirrel, cleavage and fingers, so not literally

They are @svashta, @simgirl and @ashley4u the baby
@malloryblythe, @pixiehunter and the squirrel @brisby
@tristancarax, @eroticabian and @wonderwop who names us daily
@elizacheng, @iamjadeline and @byn, are some of the mummies
@wandrnrose7, @kimberlylane and @killbride who's not actually scary
@freedomtowrite, @improv,, @eaglespirit and me

45 days down, and there's just five more to go
And that pool money just grows and grows
To all the Players, that I have come to know
No good byes, let’s shake on that and tie it with a bow

The selfie pics that started the journey and had to include @mariannewest because that picture is too good not to 😊



Another day another prompt, another Free Write! This is where you are allowed to frolic in the happiest place or traverse into the darkest corners of your mind and then share it. It can be fact, it can be fiction, as long as they are your words!!

Check out @mariannewest and @freewritehouse to find out more.

This is my submission for the 200 Day Party Challenge where we need to write one freewrite every single day for 50 days. Read other stories inspired by the players here!!

’Til we meet again over text, pics, videos, maybe even coffee - Steem On!!



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Woot! Hey, hmmm I wonder where you got this idea? Bwahahaah thank you so much for the nomination and The Alliance Forevvahhh

looks like you are in Sbs too ... been with them since i began as well as TSE ! !


Just recently got into SBs
Hahaha The Alliance 4evar


@kaerpediem 4 evarrrrr evearrrr ... yeah i saw that about SB ... hey you follown meeezzz?? eeeehhhyyyaahhhh :)

great contest... interesting entries.. keep it up...


It is. Really takes you places. Thank you for stopping by :)

I love this so much!!!! We have had so much fun!!!!


Yes, so happy I did it ! 😊💗

I loved this! It made me smile from ear to ear! What a great unexpected joy I've found in doing these freewrites with all of you!!


Same same. So happy to have met all of you ! 😁

Woweeeeee almost there!!! SO PROUD of all of you who have made it this far!


Thank you @alimamasstory.... You are the best !😘


It was a lot of fun. There's a few more days to go... Thank you for dropping in @sweetpea 😊

Yes yes yes! 5 more days to go! I guess I am as kiasu as you... LOL... We are too near to the end to be eliminated. No matter what happen, a freewrite and a selfie must be up every day!
Shake hand and tie with a bow!
Freewrite MakeMeSmile! So yes, of coz have to continue! 💞💞💞🙌🙌🙌


See you at the finish line 😊

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I love love love love this. So so much! You made a collage of us. We so love freewrite ain't we? It is fun and it is not stressful. although for this one it is a contest but definitely a great one. More for us in the freewrite house.


Yes, it is a fantastic ride. And I have fallen in love with writing all over again haha... It really let's your mind travel everywhere, anywhere...
Thank you so much @iamjadeline 😊

Hehehe thanks for giving me a .. 😅😅😅


Hahaha... You hold your own though... you have quite an imagination on you 😊

Haha cool!
Good job to all the participants that stuck with it! ♥


It's a great way to make it a habit....
Thanks for swinging by @squishysquid 😊

love all the selfies 😂 who wouldn't!!
We sure have come a long way...